♥ Shop Update: Brights! ♥

1960s vintage ADELE SIMPSON  springweight wool day dress
Just a smattering of what's new this week--  color feels so fresh again-- I'm definitely having fun buying spring brights for the shop (and a couple pieces for myself here and there, ahem). You definitely won't blend into the background wearing any of these!  Of course I threw in a healthy dose of black and white as well, for those ladies who are still a  little color-shy.

The other night before falling asleep I remembered these bright turquoise suede heeled booties I used to have.  I was thinking how much fun they'd be to wear with a bright yellow dress. Then I remembered I  got rid of them a few years back  when color just felt wrong-- if only I had a crystal ball... who could have known? (Actually last summer my friend Kate turned me onto to the Panatone Color Guide, that predicted turquoise and brights would be huge this year...  I scoffed at the time!)
1960s vintage TRAMO of SWITZERLAND embroidered peasant top
1970s vintage FRANK USHER maxi dress
1970s vintage PAT RICHARDS flowing chiffon cocktail dress
vintage DROP WAIST pocketed sun dress
vintage BRIGHT BLOOMS snap front mini dress
vintage MAGENTA light wool gabardine pleated trousers


  1. These items are so great for spring! I especially love the colors and pattern of the drop waisted dress! Thank you for your sweet comment...I just posted today, and don't worry, I'm not ill! :)

  2. oh i hate it when that happens. I swear, i was hunting all around for a blouse the other day...only to remember later that night in bed that i'd sold it at buffalo months ago! doh!

    turquoise suede boots sound devine.

    lovely new things.
    those trousers are crazy awesome.


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