On the Bright Side

The weather has been rain on and off-- this was one of those "off " days a few days ago as I was on my way to hit up three different estate sales, and all within the City,--a rarity indeed.  I'm so used to putting serious mileage on our car to go to theses things, so I was a really happy camper that I didn't have far to travel that day.  I think my brightness in apparel choice reflects my happiness accordingly! 

coat- Nanette Lepore via Ebay
cardigan- thrifted
belt- Linea Pilea
blouse- Ann Taylor via Crossroads
jeans- Raven Denim
boots- Anthropologie
bangle bracelet- vintage

Estate sale plunder has been trickling into the shop all week, so be sure to take a peek!


  1. Love that color combination-- I am so happy Spring colors are back!

  2. Those colours are perfect together and that baby blue poka dot shirt its a winner! The weather has been so strange latley. Glad you had fun at the estate sales.

  3. Oh my gosh, I love your coat! It's like pink grapefruit :)

  4. This is so darn cute! It is so perfectly styled my dear! I love the color of the jacket--it is so cheerful and makes me want warm weather and cupcakes. xoxo

  5. I love the pretty coral pink of your jacket, the mustard yellow of your sweater, and the polka dots of your blouse...and the combo looks great together!

  6. Very well executed. The color combination all goes well together. I know what you mean...bright colors are certainly good for the soul.

  7. The micture of the colors looks very good. And I really love the coat !

  8. I just meandered to your blog via your giveaway and I have to say you're so cute! :D These colors go so perfectly together.

  9. I never would have thought to pair these colours together but your outfit came together wonderfully, I especially like how the blue of your shirt echoes the jeans and the leather belt is braided like your purse handle.

    Estate sales are always farflung in Chicago too, I don't have a car here so I have to take the bus, subway and regional rail to get to them!

  10. Such a lovely, bright colour combination!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  11. That coat is fab! I'll never forget the estate sale that was only TWO blocks from my house and was loaded with the BEST vintage. A miracle indeed.


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