Thursday, March 31, 2011

♥ Spring Fever SALE!!!!!! ♥

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

♥ Shop Update: Brights! ♥

1960s vintage ADELE SIMPSON  springweight wool day dress
Just a smattering of what's new this week--  color feels so fresh again-- I'm definitely having fun buying spring brights for the shop (and a couple pieces for myself here and there, ahem). You definitely won't blend into the background wearing any of these!  Of course I threw in a healthy dose of black and white as well, for those ladies who are still a  little color-shy.

The other night before falling asleep I remembered these bright turquoise suede heeled booties I used to have.  I was thinking how much fun they'd be to wear with a bright yellow dress. Then I remembered I  got rid of them a few years back  when color just felt wrong-- if only I had a crystal ball... who could have known? (Actually last summer my friend Kate turned me onto to the Panatone Color Guide, that predicted turquoise and brights would be huge this year...  I scoffed at the time!)
1960s vintage TRAMO of SWITZERLAND embroidered peasant top
1970s vintage FRANK USHER maxi dress
1970s vintage PAT RICHARDS flowing chiffon cocktail dress
vintage DROP WAIST pocketed sun dress
vintage BRIGHT BLOOMS snap front mini dress
vintage MAGENTA light wool gabardine pleated trousers

Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Alive!

Spent the last few days feeling not so hot from an awful cold I managed to catch again--  I'm just a germ magnet this year for some reason.   And I think I'm probably one of the few people that manages to actually gain weight while being sick!  It was all the comfort food I've been eating-- fried chicken and coleslaw yesterday,  pizza the other night and god only knows what else.  My nyquilled head knew not what it was doing.    Therefore, I chose my favorite baggy jeans to wear today with some yellow flats I found at the thrift shop.  It's still a little cold outside so I've got my warm stripey sweater on and this little cropped leather jacket that I got at LF a few years back-- it goes with almost everything.

Since I'm finally feeling better today, the sun also decided to come out for the first time in weeks, so it's a great day all around. Also taking advantage of the light to take about a million photos for new listings which will be making their way into the shop starting today. It's so nice to be back in the world of the living--Happy Monday!
jacket- Pleose via LF
sweater- J.Crew via thrift shop
jeans- vintage
belt- thrifted
flats- J.Crew via thrift shop

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life of an New American Mother, circa 1973

right after leaving the airlines and before moving to America
Just having put out her last cigarette before getting pregnant (or so I imagine)
 Last week I posted part one of a three part series where I showed you old photos of my mom's vintage style. We've seen the 1960s so far and this week it's on to the 1970s.  These first two pictures are like the only two I could find in the 1970s without kids in the picture (literally and figuratively!).  See that's what happens once you have kids-- they take over your life and it's no longer about you and your cute outfit.  I guess that explains why I don't have any yet myself, ha!  Anyway, hopefully you enjoy these, Part two of my "Vintage Mom" series.

1973: pregnant with my older brother

1975: with her first little hellian (and pregnant again with me this time!)

S.F. locals may recognize this statue's location-- can anybody guess?

with some random baby I don't recognize

Things I love about the 1970s: hoop earrings, wide headbands, maxidresses and prints, lots of prints!
 My first ever memory involves a piece of 1970s clothing in fact.   It was a fuzzy yellow mohair cardigan my mom had with these big frosted buttons down the front.  I remember looking at the buttons going,  "ooh, candy!"  and biting down really hard on one of them.   Then I remember being shocked that it wasn't sweet and I would bite down again, hoping it would turn into candy. It never did but it still managed to surprise me everytime. 
Next week's installment: back in time to the 1950s.

"gee, your belly is huge!"  Poor thing-- looking uncomfortably pregnant.  I belive that was my first babysitter, "Mrs. Johnson" on the left.
1978: with the finished product, such  a little chubster!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One of those Days...

Today has started out as one of those days.  I wanted to watch a mindless movie before bed last night but made the mistake of watching 2012 (no surprise it was complete shite).  That combined with what's actually happening in Japan gave me the worst nightmares. I woke up with my first thought being "I have to pack an emergency/earthquake bag and have it ready near the front door just in case.  Should it be on wheels or a large backpack?"  In my dream I was actually planning what to put in the bag and debating over which sweaters would be the warmest and wondering where my huge European travel backpack from 10 years ago went... not exactly a restful night's sleep!

My cure for feeling a bit neurotic-- throwing on a favorite dress!  It really works wonders.  Though I still am feeling not quite myself today--(I think I'm also coming down with a cold), I do feel 50% better just by the simple act of getting dressed and out the door looking a bit better than I feel.  As soon as I get my errands done today, I might just crawl back into bed though and snuggle up with a good Joan Crawford movie.  Hopefully I don't have bad facelift nightmares...
rain trench, Laltramoda via Loehman's
dress, vintage
tights,  Hue "Cappucino"
boots,  Salvatore Ferragamo
nail polish, Essie "Splash of Grenadine"

Monday, March 21, 2011

Leopard, Stripes & Red

One of my favorite combos, leopard, stripes and a bit of red on a rainy afternoon last week.  Everytime I want to complain about the weather lately, I think of Japan and that pretty much shuts me up right away.

On rainy days it's all about comfort and wearing stuff that I don't mind getting wet.  These leopard flats are thrifted and not in perfect condition, so I know a litle rain won't bother them too much.  This coat is water resistant, and the cozy cashmere can't be beat for warmth.  The little pop of red brightens things up a tad and the shorts are a nod to sunny Spring weather which I know is right around the corner!

coat, An-Ren
cashmere sweater,  J.Crew via thrift store
chambray shorts, Zara
red leather belt, Zara
ribbed tights, Hue
ballet flats, French Sole via thrift store
bag, Desmo

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Charmer

Had a little furry houseguest last weekend-- my parents' dog, "Baby Dog" or "Monster" as she's affectionately known (her real name is Misty).  Since we're not allowed to own  dogs in our building, she's become our little surrogate and I try and kidnap her any chance I get.

On this particular day Damien was trying to take some outfit pics for me, but little Monster kept jumping into the pics-- she was just loving the camera, so this shoot turned out more about her than my outfit which is fine by me.
I turn slightly mental when I'm with her so pardon the crazy faces. :)

shoes- Swedish Hasbeens
blouse- thrifted
pants- Zara
socklets- Charter Club
denim jacket-thrifted
lavender suede belt- estate sale
 hoops- don't remember
charm bracelet- vintage
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