One of those Days...

Today has started out as one of those days.  I wanted to watch a mindless movie before bed last night but made the mistake of watching 2012 (no surprise it was complete shite).  That combined with what's actually happening in Japan gave me the worst nightmares. I woke up with my first thought being "I have to pack an emergency/earthquake bag and have it ready near the front door just in case.  Should it be on wheels or a large backpack?"  In my dream I was actually planning what to put in the bag and debating over which sweaters would be the warmest and wondering where my huge European travel backpack from 10 years ago went... not exactly a restful night's sleep!

My cure for feeling a bit neurotic-- throwing on a favorite dress!  It really works wonders.  Though I still am feeling not quite myself today--(I think I'm also coming down with a cold), I do feel 50% better just by the simple act of getting dressed and out the door looking a bit better than I feel.  As soon as I get my errands done today, I might just crawl back into bed though and snuggle up with a good Joan Crawford movie.  Hopefully I don't have bad facelift nightmares...
rain trench, Laltramoda via Loehman's
dress, vintage
tights,  Hue "Cappucino"
boots,  Salvatore Ferragamo
nail polish, Essie "Splash of Grenadine"


  1. eee! I am in love with your dress! I know the 70's are in and I do love it but lately I find my self leaning toward the 60's prints and mod scooter dresses a lot more :)

  2. for me i'd have to say it's toss up between the 60s and 70s-- they're my two favorite deacades for fashion.

  3. wow, rough night :( well, on the upside, it produced a cute outfit! i really love the pattern on your dress!

  4. Love love LOVE your dress. I've really been gravitating to these sorts of prints lately, while I never did before.
    Here's hoping for no face lift nightmares!

  5. Gorgeous early spring outfit, am especially digging the print of your dress & the colour of your tights. Whenever I'm feeling off or down I dress up in a cute outfit too and go and read at my favorite coffee shop. Helps me re-center a bit.

  6. Oh WOW that dress of yours is so beautiful! Very pretty :)

    I had one night some nightmare too about earthquake, it wasn't cool, I was panicing when I woke up. :s


  7. Beautifully! The dress is very pretty!!

  8. Lovely outfit and great blog!
    Love your Matroshki header!

    Visit me @

    Your newest follower,

  9. This post made me laugh. I always think about having an earthquake kit in case the big one strikes. I have yet to actually follow through on this, even though the Loma Prieta is so vivid in my memories. And my apartment is above a garage which is suppose to be the most dangerous for earthquakes. Sigh. I am scared.

    But I do LOVE your dress. Very Mad Men. Beautiful!


  10. Jenny-- I know, that earthquake kit has seriously been on my "to-do" list since 1989!

  11. the locatioin of these photos looks so so beautiful and I love the dress, you wear it well! Such lovely photos and styling!

    thanks for commenting on my blog...I live in Belfast in the north of Ireland :)


  12. You look mod and marvelous in this dress! The trench is fantastic as well. I've been holding out on finding one in a thrift shop, but they all fit weird (sigh).

    A good romantic comedy is a must before bed where movies are concerned. Actually, I'm kind of a sissy and tend to avoid scary movies altogether. :P




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