Orange Crush

I've been on a bit of a color binge lately.  When the weather is as crappy as it's been (by California standards, mind you!) it's an easy pick-me-up.  These were taken on the sand dunes down the street from my parents house in Pacifica (just outside of S.F.), where I grew up.  It's always been one of  my favorite dog walking spots.  When I was a kid our dog had a little lapse of depth perception (or maybe a death wish) and ended up stepping off one of these cliffs to land on an embankment far below.   Cushioned by the spongy ice plant, he amazingly survived this 50 ft. drop without a broken bone and barely a scrape, as he patiently waited for my brother to come and rescue him.  The dog's name was Tenzing, named after the Tenzing Norgay, the first guy to scale Mt. Everest--   go figure.

rain coat- Nanette Lepore
sweater- Jam via Modcloth
blouse- vintage
belt- vintage
jeans- Mynk
booties- Dolce Vita
bag- a blatant Mulberry knock-off, but I fell in love with it!
my apologies, fashion police

 Personally, if I fall in love with a certain something and  it happens to be a knock-off that's well  constructed and of good quality, then so be it.  How do you feel about knock-offs?


  1. oh my gosh that is a crazy story about your dog! it must have been nice, though, to grow up in such beautiful surroundings. sooo different from where i grew up, i cant even really imagine!

  2. Gorgeous views! I could watch that all day long.
    Like the blouse :)

  3. Amazing watching someone ot the other side of the world . I m actually looking forward to having the green grass here too :D

    And orange is definitely your color !

  4. Ahhhhh your poor wee dog! and i immediately fell inlove with that bag.
    looking good lady

  5. Oh your orange sweater is adorable! I love the bright colors you've been wearing lately! I also like today's jacket just as well as your coral one. I have to agree on the knock-off issue, too. If you love it, wear it! Also that is a great dog story (because it ended well...had it gone the other way, I wouldn't think it was so great).

    PS: I would LOVE first dibs on a boater! They're so hard to find, aren't they?!

  6. yes, I found one from the early 1900s about a year ago at an antique faire and subsequently put it in the shop and sold it. I'll try and russle up a picture to show you.

  7. I like the 70s feel of your outfit, especially the polka dot bow of your blouse peeking out of the colourful cardigan. Lovely background & I liked hearing the story of your dog's miraculous escapade.

  8. This outfit is so perfect for the dreary weather in San Francisco lately. I love Pacifica- I like to go there during the summer and explore the rolling hills and the beaches. You look so very lovely!! xoxo

  9. I love the cardigan, and the shirt for that matter, they go greatly together

  10. Lovely outfit!! Super shirt! and a great sweater
    I love all the photos :) nice blog :) i'm gonna visit it again :)

  11. Where'd you get the knock off bag?? I love it! things become so much cuter when they're cheap :)


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