Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Party

Last night I went  across the hallway for a scrumptious Oscar Party hosted by my gracious neighbor, Michael, affectionately known by friends as "the Duchess of Glendale Street."   This man is a host extraordinaire (not to mention always perfectly coiffed), and I always look forward to his parties as they are the epitome of elegance and deliciousness.
My favorite table in the house
I made sure to go over before any guests arrived so I could get plenty of photos-- his house is a treasure trove of old Hollywood memorablia.  Plus he owns pretty much every classic film ever made-- I'm constantly borrowing old movies from him.  It's like having a film library right in my own building. 

Publicity photo of Marilyn in her first film, "Asphalt Jungle"
Susan Hayward and Bette Davis
I won't say much about the show itself-- but Chelsea's expression pretty much sums it up.  There was a Kirk Douglass appearance that was especially painful to watch.   Still-- even with all the filler, trite sentimentality and horrible musical numbers that make  up today's Oscars, I wouldn't miss an Oscar Party at the Duchess's for the world.
in the bathrooom gallery of the stars
"jazz hands!"
dress, Tracy Reese
patent wedges, BCBG Girls
cocktail ring, hand-me-down from my mom
nail polish, who's she? by Essie

Saturday, February 26, 2011

♥ Shop Update: Haystacks and Wheatfields ♥

Just a smattering of what's new in the shop at the moment-- lots neutrals that will play nicely with all the color we're seeing for Spring. Hope you enjoy the look, there is a ton more in the shop right now-- too much for just one post.

 pssst!-- use the coupon code "HAYSTACK15" and get 15% your order-- now through the 28th.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Textbook Addict

1960s Henri Bendel dress from Prance and Swagger

I have been shopping like a madwoman lately. But like a textbook addict I've got plenty of excuses for my habit

1) the weather-- it's been rain rain rain for the whole week so I've been inside and at the computer a bit more than average for me, thus making it easier to give into temptation.
2) my cold-- had a bad "flu" all week-- actually just a cold, but my husband calls every cold a "flu".  It must be a European thing.  Now he's got me in the habit of doing it.  Anyway, there's nothing more comforting when you're sick than imagining not being sick in your brand new pair of...
3) change of seasons-- knowing Spring is right around the corner causes me to write lists of things I "need" for the new season.  Those lists must be fulfilled (at least partially!)
4) the end of winter sales that have been happening at some of the larger online retailers--  markdowns that no one in their right mind could resist.

So anyway, though I'd share with you some of my spoils-- it makes me not feel so guilty somehow, like I'm not hiding them or anything, 'cause you know I don't have a problem.
Hasbeens "Bold Endeavors" from Modcloth

1960s Sunshine and Shadows dress form Swanee Grace

Do-Gooder dress from Modcloth

Daisy Apothecary Jar from Lauren Sharon

Crunching Numbers cardigan from Modcloth

Hasbeens Wedge Clogs from Endless

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jenn the Printmaker

Printmaker Jenn, a.k.a. Jennifer Comstock, has got to be my favorite artist on Etsy at the moment.  I first came across her work about a month ago when she was featured on Etsy's front page and have been slowly collecting her prints ever since.  The first one is hanging on my wall as we speak, the second one is on it's way to me, and the third is my next purchase if it's still around in a couple days.  You can check out the rest of her shop here (just try not to buy my dandelions, o.k.?)
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