Life of an New American Mother, circa 1973

right after leaving the airlines and before moving to America
Just having put out her last cigarette before getting pregnant (or so I imagine)
 Last week I posted part one of a three part series where I showed you old photos of my mom's vintage style. We've seen the 1960s so far and this week it's on to the 1970s.  These first two pictures are like the only two I could find in the 1970s without kids in the picture (literally and figuratively!).  See that's what happens once you have kids-- they take over your life and it's no longer about you and your cute outfit.  I guess that explains why I don't have any yet myself, ha!  Anyway, hopefully you enjoy these, Part two of my "Vintage Mom" series.

1973: pregnant with my older brother

1975: with her first little hellian (and pregnant again with me this time!)

S.F. locals may recognize this statue's location-- can anybody guess?

with some random baby I don't recognize

Things I love about the 1970s: hoop earrings, wide headbands, maxidresses and prints, lots of prints!
 My first ever memory involves a piece of 1970s clothing in fact.   It was a fuzzy yellow mohair cardigan my mom had with these big frosted buttons down the front.  I remember looking at the buttons going,  "ooh, candy!"  and biting down really hard on one of them.   Then I remember being shocked that it wasn't sweet and I would bite down again, hoping it would turn into candy. It never did but it still managed to surprise me everytime. 
Next week's installment: back in time to the 1950s.

"gee, your belly is huge!"  Poor thing-- looking uncomfortably pregnant.  I belive that was my first babysitter, "Mrs. Johnson" on the left.
1978: with the finished product, such  a little chubster!


  1. it was so lovely to see these images and hear the cute story of you and the yellow cardigan. I'm looking forward to next weeks installment!

  2. Beautiful story:) wonderful photos. How nice to just reminisce

  3. Your mom's style genes were certainly passed along. Lucky, lucky you.
    PS. Wide headbands are coming back and not a moment too soon!

  4. I love this series, your mother is so beautiful. The chairs & that fab white phone in the first picture are definitely covetable. Is that a Swedish dala horse statue in one of the pictures?

  5. This is one of my favorite series I have seen on a blog. It is such a beautiful story and the pictures capture a unique part of your history! I love the black and white picture of your mother while she is pregnant. She has quite a glow on her face! And I am a little apprehensive to move, even for a short while. I love San Francisco! I don't want to leave my beautiful place!

  6. I enjoyed this series sooooo much, thanks so much for sharing it with us. Your mum was so stylish in every decade :) xxx


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