Lady and the Tripod

  I took these pics yesterday on just a regular, getting errands done and working kind of day, but took some time mid-morning to take a walk up to Twin Peaks, right behind where we live. It's on the western side of town if you ever visit, and has great panoramic views of the city.  We used to drive up there in high school just  to "take in the view, officer."  I didn't actually make it all the way up to the actual peaks this day, but settled on a little foothill just below-- the view is still pretty nice though.  Oh, and this dress has pockets which I forgot to show you, but any dress with pockets is a friend of mine.

a little bit of dirt don't hurt
making love to the camera

oh, splendor in the grass!

Upon the recommendation of one of the Hummingbird Girls, I decided to try Picnik to edit my photos this time and am stoked with the results--  I used the "1960s effect" for most of these and I like the way they give off a sort of subtle, dreamy -Mamas and the Papas- vibe if you know what I mean. 
our state flower, the Poppy
oops, my slip is showing!  I wish they had an editing tool to fix that!

coat- Martin & Ossa
dress- Asos
sweater tights- Hue
wedges- Franco Sarto
purse, 1980s vintage Dooney & Bourke
wool & corduroy hoodie- 1970s vintage


  1. i love these! pretty views + pretty clothes! i've been missing california so much lately, you're not helping!

  2. thanks Katie-- you know you're welcome to come back any time! :)

  3. This outfit is so cute-I especially love your coat! And my boyfriend got me that exact same purse in cream as a college graduation gift...I love it!

  4. PS: Your photos look great! And I will definitely check out Party that you mention it, a friend of my dad's gave me a card at my high school graduation that had the Party Girl movie poster of the front with my head over Parker Posey's...I thought he was insinuating that I should try to refrain from going off to school and being a "party girl," but apparently the real meaning went right over my head until now...crazy!

  5. love love love these pictures!

  6. pretty photos. well done trecking up twin peaks in those shoes!

  7. Hi there, I was following some links and came across your lovely blog-- there seems to be a contingent of great vintage fashion bloggers up in San Francisco! I've only been to SF once but remember the spectacular views, you're lucky to have them as a photo backdrop.

    I love your vintage hoodie, it's comfortable and chic.

  8. I also just happened across your blog when I was googling "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" and I love it! These photos, the view and your clothes are all gorgeous. I use Picnik for most of my photos too! Thanks for sharing!



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