It's Alive!

Spent the last few days feeling not so hot from an awful cold I managed to catch again--  I'm just a germ magnet this year for some reason.   And I think I'm probably one of the few people that manages to actually gain weight while being sick!  It was all the comfort food I've been eating-- fried chicken and coleslaw yesterday,  pizza the other night and god only knows what else.  My nyquilled head knew not what it was doing.    Therefore, I chose my favorite baggy jeans to wear today with some yellow flats I found at the thrift shop.  It's still a little cold outside so I've got my warm stripey sweater on and this little cropped leather jacket that I got at LF a few years back-- it goes with almost everything.

Since I'm finally feeling better today, the sun also decided to come out for the first time in weeks, so it's a great day all around. Also taking advantage of the light to take about a million photos for new listings which will be making their way into the shop starting today. It's so nice to be back in the world of the living--Happy Monday!
jacket- Pleose via LF
sweater- J.Crew via thrift shop
jeans- vintage
belt- thrifted
flats- J.Crew via thrift shop


  1. They look like the most comfortable (and stylish) baggy jeans! So perfect with those yellow ballet flat and stripped shirt. It has been the weather for pants lately but I have been stubborn and freezing because of it. Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better! I feel like I've caught everything that's gone around this year, too! I love your J. Crew thrift're a lucky girl!

  3. so glad it's finally spring-- i'm loving your cropped leather jacket!

  4. It's good to hear that you are feeling better now. Love the pop of yellow in this outfit. I wish the weather was warmer here, I can't wait to rock my leather jacket more.

  5. I love the yellow shoes! You look adorable.
    So happy that I came across your blog!

  6. glad to hear you are feeling better. I feel like i was in sweatpants in bed for days! luckily all we missed was rain rain rain...Its sunshine on the horizon for us now. woot!

    Lady you are always wearing the greatest thrifted flats. I just love these yellow ones. Such an awesome pop of colour.

  7. Ooh I want that kind of necklace!

  8. sara- the necklace was a really cheap little number that I bought at my old job-- an L.A. brand I can't remember which one, but something you'd find at Claire's or any low-end jewelery accesory store.


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