Little Charmer

Had a little furry houseguest last weekend-- my parents' dog, "Baby Dog" or "Monster" as she's affectionately known (her real name is Misty).  Since we're not allowed to own  dogs in our building, she's become our little surrogate and I try and kidnap her any chance I get.

On this particular day Damien was trying to take some outfit pics for me, but little Monster kept jumping into the pics-- she was just loving the camera, so this shoot turned out more about her than my outfit which is fine by me.
I turn slightly mental when I'm with her so pardon the crazy faces. :)

shoes- Swedish Hasbeens
blouse- thrifted
pants- Zara
socklets- Charter Club
denim jacket-thrifted
lavender suede belt- estate sale
 hoops- don't remember
charm bracelet- vintage


  1. i adore your wedges with those cute pink socks-- been wanting to try that!

  2. PUPPY! These pictures are so adorable. I also really love how you styled this outfit. Pink socks + wedges=Magical. xoxo

  3. SO cute! My puppy loves to get in on our picture taking times too. That or she's running all over the place and I can't stand still for more than a few seconds. We've learned that it's just too hard to bring her along sometimes. I love to see the happiness in your face as you play with her. I have the same look when I'm with my little lady. Maybe we should have a puppy date sometime. :D

  4. I really love your style!The socks and the shoes are amazing. I think I need a pair of Swedish Hasbeen!

  5. Aw your puppy is so sweet, since it's been warmer lately I've been seeing little dogs all over the city.

    Am so envious of your Swedish Hasbeens! Love the charm bracelet too.

  6. how cute! i love the picture with you and the doggy beside the manequin! Are your hasbeens clogs comfortable? Everything is killing my feet at the minute and I think these look amazing! love them with pink socks, so cute!

  7. Lovely shoot, fantastic accessories. I think the charm bracelet upstaged your modeling partner, but then she does have a nose for scene stealing.


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