Sunday, August 29, 2010

Style Spotlight: Chantal Goya

This week's style spotlight shines on French Chanteuse, Chantal Goya. I first discovered her in Godard's film, Musculin Feminin, where she basically plays herself, a newly discovered pop-singer, opposite Jean-Pierre Leaud. It's a new wave film so interpretation is varied, but I viewed it as an anti-war film exploring themes of the male-female dynamic, stylishly done against a French-pop backdrop (I did, really). At any rate, Goya shines as a doe-eyed doll with her fringed bob and innocent beauty.
Goya was one of the "Ye-Ye" girls of the 1960-s. The term was a sarcastically coined by a writer for the French daily, Le Monde, whom disdainfully referred to the American influenced, French-pop fever that taken over that part of the world. "The children of Marx and Coca-Cola" smirked Godard at the time.

Goya went on to become a popular children's entertainer, but let us take a moment to see her in all her "Ye-Ye" glory of the 1960s.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What took you so long?

Ok, so I lied.

About a week ago I was wishing "Bon Voyage" to summer as many of you around the U.S. are saying, but in reality, here in S.F. it's more like, "Hello Summer! what took you so long?" Yesterday it topped 90 degrees downtown and I was not a pretty sight melting away at my computer all day.

Today I cleaned up and decided my summer dresses purchased in the July sales can finally come out and play for the next week and into September, as per our usual"Indian Summer."

Today I'm wearing:
1. dress, Zara
2. gladiator sandals, thrifted
3. locket, vintage
4. nonchalant pose, my own

Have a great day. ♥

Monday, August 23, 2010

Former Equestrian

I believe in one of my past lives I must have been a spoiled rich girl that went to a WASPy exclusive prep school on the East coast and grew up around horses thus becoming an accomplished equestrain by age 13. That would explain my love for prepster styles: fitted blazers, tie front blouses, corduroy and tartan plaid.

It would also explain the newest aquisition to my jewelery box which just arrived. It's an enamel locket. But instead of my imaginary horse, I'll put a picture of my favorite animal in this current life.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Gospel According to Coco.......

Just finished this fun read which I definitely recommend for anyone looking for something light and yet informative. It's written in a conversational style and was full of lots of little gems.

She was good friends with Jean Cocteau (he's the guy in the middle in the top pic), and designed the costumes for several of his films.

She never carried any money with her aside form a roll of ten franc notes. She believed tipping any less was an insult. (Check out the drape on that pant leg!)

By far my favorite Chanelian innovation, the mariner shirt (stolen from the boys of course!).

She insisted on pinning every garment herself even though she had an atelier full off assistants.

I was lucky enough to come across a vintage Chanel for the store recently. Though this one is from the reign of Lagerfeld, it's nonetheless a product of Coco's influence: clean lines, neutral color and the finest fit on the planet.

Here's some other pieces from around the Etsy-verse that I think Coco would approve of:

Quilted leather purse found at Fancy Fig Leaf.

Two piece wool suit found at White Fluffly Clouds.

Elegant silk camelia flower found at 4ClassyDesigns.

"One shouldn't spend all one's time dressing. All one needs are two or three suits, as long as they and everything go with them, are perfect." -- Coco Chanel

O.k. so her forte wasn't English grammar, but we get the picture. Elegance = simplicty, simplicity= elegance, and that's all you need to know!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bon Voyage Summer!

Here's my favorite dress of this summer worn last weekend. A cotton, nautical number from the 1950s. I paired it with a simple yellow cotton belt and low jute wedges. I just wish I would have turned around for another pic-- it has the cutest sailor back collar, just like this. Nautical will always be my favorite look for summer. ♥

Monday, August 9, 2010

Antique Faire

Went to my new favorite Antique Faire recently. For selfish reasons I will not divulge it's location. It was QUITE a trek getting there--(had to cross a state border or two) but oh, so worth it. Here are some pics!

Straw boater hat, circa 1915. This little beauty went home with me and will be in the shop this week!

Vanity strikes again! Wearing my brand new floral "coulottes" as my mom calls them (i just call them shorts). Got them from this sweet little etsy shop.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Fall Transition

Here's a couple looks that will be available in the shop this week as part of the new, Fall Transition Collection-- basically pieces you can layer as the weather gets a bit chillier in the months to come. (I decided to look really serious for some reason in the first three pics, ha!)

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