Monday, February 27, 2012

Lady Criminals

if you're like me, you love looking at old vintage snapshots of everyday ladies in all their sartorial glory.  but what's better than looking at vintage photographs of everyday ladies?  looking at vintage mugshots of everyday ladies. knowing how much i love prison stuff and history, damien just sent me a link to these photos taken from Australia's Justice and Police Museum.   they've just  released over 2,500 photographs of female criminals from the 1920s. if i was in australia this is something i would totally check out.  in the meantime watching episodes of prison wives will have to do.

"Dorothy Mort, criminal record number 773LB, 16 October 1929. Mrs Dorothy Mort was having an affair with dashing young doctor Claude Tozer. On 21 December 1920 Tozer visited Mort's home intending to break off the relationship. Mort shot him dead and then attempted to commit suicide. She was released from gaol shortly after this photograph was taken and disappeared from the public eye. "

"Annie Gunderson, criminal record number 551LB, 20 September 1922. Charged with stealing a fur coat. Teenager Annie Gunderson, 19, was charged with stealing a fur coat from a Sydney department store called Winn's Limited, in 1922. Police records do not indicate whether the fur she is wearing is the stolen item." 

"Alice Adeline Cooke, criminal record number 565LB, 30 December 1922. Convicted of bigamy and theft. By the age of 24 Alice Cooke had amassed an impressive number of aliases and at least two husbands. Described by police as 'rather good looking', Cooke was a habitual thief and a convicted bigamist. Aged 24"

"Emily Gertrude Hemsworth, criminal record number 657LB, 14 May 1925. Emily Hemsworth killed her three-week-old son but could not remember any details of the murder. She was found not guilty due to insanity. Hemsworth was to be detained in custody until judged fit to return to society - it is unknown if she was ever released. Aged 24"

Thursday, February 23, 2012

♥ New in the Boutique! ♥

  the shop is having a love affair with primary colors at the moment.  go on,  have a little peek...just click on a photo to see all the intimate details.  you'll thank me in the morning. ;)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Just Around the Corner


jacket- Mademoiselle Tara
dress- 1960s vintage
shirt- vintage Burberry
bag-  Bryna Nicole via T.J. Maxx
shoes- Bandolino

 cherry blossoms seem like such a spring flower, but they actually bloom around here in late winter when there's still a little nip in the air. apparently the date they bloom all depends on climate and location-- the milder the climate, the earlier the bloom. so we get our cherry blossom season when it's still tights and wool weather.   though they make me wish it was warm enough for bare legs and spring won't be long now...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

♥ President's Day Sale! ♥

it's that time again!  shop 20% off storewide*
 *exclusions apply to shipping and items already in SALE section.  click here to shop now

Thursday, February 16, 2012

♥ New in the Boutique ♥

just some of what's new at the moment with more being added everyday!  all the photos are linked so just click to see all the details.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Around the House

as much as i try not to become overly attached to material things and "stuff", new additions to my personal menagerie never fail to make me  happy, however fleetingly.  here are a few things i've added to my space as of late that are still managing to put a smile on my face:


1 lemon verbena cupcakes and yellow tulips: not sure which will be gone faster
new sofa: (the one on the left) believe me, long long overdue
3,4 1930s hand-carved wooden box: planning on using it to stash our wedding cards, which shamefully still don't have a proper home 3 years later (until now!)
5 vintage daisy glasses: to add to my all things daisy collection
ship in a bottle print: from this little shop
7,8,9 celia birtwell book:  the most beautiful textile designs, an xmas gift from damien
 10 tigerlillies: my favorite flower --that is until i see rununculus return to the shops 

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