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The weather has been absolutely heavenly the past couple days and it looks like it's going to continue through to next week (possible rain on Saturday though, wtf?)! Anyway, this is what I wore to a buying appointment yesterday, followed by a long walk on the beach in the late afternoon with monster. I stopped at my little hill near Twin Peaks for these quick shots early morning-- it's becoming one of my favorite photo spots-- so peaceful in the mornings, with no one around except for the odd tourist or jogger. The day started out a bit nippy but by noon that wrap sweater got too hot and I changed into a breezy blouse. Shorts weather is so rare in these parts so I'm going to take full advantage of it while I can.

I got this Chloe bag from Ebay a few years ago, priced at retail it is completely out of my price range (even through Ebay it still tops the most I've ever spent on a purse).  I took it with me to Ireland where my hubby's family lives, and I met one of his more fashionable aunts for the first time-- she took one look at my bag and I could tell she judged me as coming from money in her mind.  Not that that's good or bad, it's just not true!  I'm from  pure working class stock and proud of it-- I just happen to like nice bags (and dresses and coats and shoes...)  It's just funny to me how an article of clothing/accessory can project certain perception about you whether you intend to or not. 
smog or fog?-- you decide.
I was this close to listing these shorts in the shop, but just couldn't do it once I tried them on--- dammit they fit!
it's hard for me to justify buying  another purse since then (but I guess I could probably still do it if I had to. haha)

jean jacket- thrifted
wrap sweater- Danskin
shorts-  Maxx via thrift store
flats- Lulu Guinness via Loehmans
purse- Chloe via Ebay
little sailboat necklace- little shop in Amador County


  1. I was just out in that area in February and experienced a beautiful,sunny and warm day amid a week of rain and cold. Spent the day hiking in Marin County. It was fabulous! I love your outfit and those shorts are amazing! They look great on you!

  2. I am pea green with envy that you are wearing shorts...great shorts at that! We are still in light winter coats :( lucky lucky lady!

  3. good call on not selling those shorts-- they are way too cute. funny about that bag-- my sister has one, (it's the "Edith" bag isn't it?) and she loves it like it's her first born child.

  4. LOVE those shorts! so 1940's! check out my blog :)

  5. Blue skies! Gently rolling green hills! Polka dot shorts! I'm so envious of your life and that outfit right now. Perhaps it's time for me to move back to California.

    Good choice on keeping the shorts, they're perfect on you.

  6. The weather looks lovely! I'm so glad it's finally April! And I love your shorts-they are adorable and look great on you! :)

  7. Twin Peaks! I have a view of it from my living room! You look lovely in those AMAZING shorts. Swoon. And that Chloe bag is pretty fabulous. thank goodness for Ebay :-) xoxo

  8. those shorts are amazing. im heading over to your shop to see what size they are now.

    lovely lovely photos at twin peaks. i never go up there. what a beautiful view


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