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I was downtown last Saturday running errands  and "accidentally" wandered into to H&M (oops!) where I found this floral jersey jumper for only $20 (at regular price)! I bought it without trying it on because I was not about to wait in line at H&M on a Saturday. I brought it home and it turned out it fit rather perfectly so I ended up wearing it the very next day on Easter.   I was super comfortable all day and ended up matching what turned out to be a very floral Easter Sunday.

p.s. just back from a very successful trip with tons of fabulous new merchandise that will be making it's way into the shop starting tonight!

My contribution to Easter dinner was dessert-- Chocolate Stout cake garnished with edible flowers.
On that same trip I picked up these Swedish Hasbeens for H&M which I've since been wearing all week-- they have got to be the most comfortable wooden wedges I own. If you're around an H&M try and snatch up a pair, you will not regret it.
little Monster was tired out from all the Easter festivities and fell asleep on her new bunny blanket with her giraffe, part of her vast stuffed animal collection.

jean jacket- thrifted
jumper- H&M
sandals- Hasbeens for H&M
necklace- Sarah Coventry


  1. Lady. you got them! I thought for sure they were sold out. Thats amazing, i'll have to head down town and grab a pair.

    That jumpsuit looks devine on you (perfectly paired with the denim jacket).


  2. What a lovely Easter outfit!! I agree with Islabell, I figured H&M would be sold out, but that's awesome that you got a pair of Swedish Hasbeens!! I'm hoping to head to an H&M (possibly tomorrow) and try and snatch up a pair myself!! Also, you dessert looks delicious and I'm glad that you had a successful trip! :)

  3. Lovely Easter jumper! I love that you paired it with those cute white sandals. Such a great spring time outfit. Glad it worked outfit for you even though you didn't try it on...I hear ya...those lines are insane.That chocolate cake looks totally yummy!

  4. Lovely Easter outfit, I have a pin that matches your necklace! The jumper looks perfect on you and I'm envious of the Hasbeens-- not sure if they're sold out in Chicago yet.

    The cake looks DELICIOUS, you're quite the baker!

  5. You're not going to believe this! Well, ok, maybe you will. I was in Cleveland yesterday and stopped at an H&M since there are none near where I live, and the particular store I was in had never gotten any Swedish Hasbeens in and was not sure if they would be. The employee I spoke with said that there's a chance that the line will only be available in bigger cities. Haha I wish I could just order them online!!

  6. You look so pretty for Easter :) You got the swedish hasbeens from H&M! I have been trying to get my butt down there! Lucky lady! xo


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