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Last week, my fellow bloggers Islabell of A Fine day for Sailing, Analise of the Hummingbird Girls and  the lovely lady at  A Certain Vintage, were kind enough to pass on the "Versatile Blogger Award" to my little blog here.  Along with the award were the instructions to name 7 things about myself, so here goes...  and thank you so much for thinking of me, ladies!  ♥

My first love was animals-- I wanted to be a vet for several years-- but gave that up after I actually worked for one.  This is my old dog, Daisy who passed on two and a half years ago.

My best friend and I had an unhealthy obsession with 2Pac in high school and college (ok, kind of still do!). My husband is amazed that I can recite an appropriate 2Pac lyric for almost any occasion.

Speaking of husbands -- I've been married for two and a half years to my Irishman, Damien.  We met at Zeitgeist, (a local outdoor bar) on one of the last hot days of the year in 2003.  I never knew how much  I loved bald men till I met him! :) 

I  had a real fascination with Pope John Paul when I was about 11 years old.  I was so excited when he came to visit San Francisco in the 80s and clipped all the newspaper articles about it and put them in an album.  He had a bullet proof  "popemobile" that was pretty sweet by the way.

one of my window displays
I worked in visual display for a local retail chain for many years-- till I was laid off at the beginning of the recession.   Custard Heart Vintage came into being shortly thereafter.  Yay!

this is one of my favorites-- it takes place in San Quentin in 1967
I love most books and movies having to do with prison. So I of course adore Alcatraz and love taking my out of town guests there.  If you come here call me and we'll go! :)

rock beach in Deia
I'm of Spanish descent and still have cousins in Madrid and Mallorca and have spent several summers there.  One of my favorite places in the world is a little town called Deia in Mallorca.

There you have it, 7 things!  I'm now passing this award on to Libby of Vintage Aplomb , Katie of Mitu Vintage,  the little lady over at Vintage Seen and Maria of Adelaide's Homesewn.  Can't wait to learn more about you girls!  ♥


  1. Okay, where do I start...
    I wanted to be a vet for a while too when I was younger. I never worked for one but my boyfriend did and he couldn't handle all the pets that passed away. :( Makes me sad just to think about it.
    I love the Zeitgeist! Such a fun place and the fries are amazing.
    I work in visual display for a department store. Your window looks great!
    I'm strangely into prison and crime stuff as well. But somehow I've never been to Alcatraz. I REALLY want to go on one of the ghost tours.
    And last but not least I have family that lives in Madrid too! I've been to Spain twice and would love to visit again.
    It was so nice learning all these things about you.

  2. omg-- we're like sisters! plus I forgot to mention, I'm a Libra too!!

  3. hey completely cool! so funny some of my friends always bang on about Zeitgeist, must get there one day! thanks so much for passing this on and I shall do the same....Amy x

  4. thanks for sharing all these tidbits! i am so excited! i've never been tagged for something like this!! ♥

  5. Such fun facts, Maria! I love your window display...that sounds like it would've been such a fun job! Thank for sharing your 7 facts, and thank you for asking me to share mine! :)


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