Candy Colors

Took a lovely walk to our friends' house for brunch yesterday where we met their new baby girl, Bronwyn.  Love that name, it sounds like a princess!  Thought I'd take the opportunity to wear my pink lace blouse and scalloped jacket--- both in my favorite my favorite shade of pink-- soft and sweet like cotton candy.  It really doesn't get much girlier, does it?

  blazer- The Queens Wardrobe
lace blouse- 1960s vintage
jeans- Raven Denim
boots- Farryl Robyn
bangle- vintage


  1. I just love that shade of pink! It's so feminine, especially in the lovely lace pattern. San Francisco looks so pretty this time of year! Where I live we have beautiful summers, but fall, winter, and spring all sort of blend together into mostly wintry weather. It's supposed to be 60 tomorrow, though, so I'm really excited!!

  2. You look lovely in pink! I like that both the top and the blazer has scalloped edges. From the pictures it seems like you matched your spring surroundings, wish flowers were blooming here.

  3. oh so pretty and delicate...perfect sunday stroll and meet the baby outfit! I love it paired with these jeans too..very 70s. I hope you make it to Belfast this year, the vintage shopping is no great shakes but I could definitley email you some places to check out! That's so cool you come to Ireland lots, I love Donegal, holidayed there most years as a child :)

  4. I'm really digging those jeans-- so tired of skinnies, the boot cut is refreshing!

  5. Those scalloped edges are amazing and that lace is so pretty and delicate.
    I love San Francisco's buildings. I'm trying to guess where you are....bernal maybe?
    Bronwyn is my room mates name... gorgeous


  6. what a lovely top! it looks great on you! i really like!

  7. Thanks so much for the heads up, Maria! :) The hat is absolutely lovely, but it's not quite exactly what I'm looking for. It's so cute, though...I'm sure you're not going to have too tough a time finding it a home!

  8. i love that lace top! so very pretty.

    i went to high school with a girl named bronwyn, and she was totally elegant and always dressed amazingly well. so it probably is a princess name! haha.

    so glad i found you! following!

  9. That pink lace top is just so dreamy! And the sleeves- swoon. I love girly clothes so this is a pretty perfect outfit in my book. And I want to post old pictures of my mom in the next couple of weeks. You totally inspired me with all of those wonderful pictures of your lovely mother! xoxo


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