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Happy Sunday, a.k.a. Flea Market extravaganza day as I typically know it.  Whenever I post outfit du jour pics they're usually a bit dressier,  so I thought I would show you what typical Sunday flea market outfit is all about.  Comfort is always key so I'll usuallly wear jeans or pants of some sort and then a few layers, because it usually starts out freezing cold and then gets warm by mid-morning.  Wearing boots is also mandatory as they not only protect the feet against flea market gravel, dirt and random grossness, but are always the most comfy shoes in my closet. 

Another reason to dress down-- I find that I'm more likely to get a better deal that way.  The more homeless looking the better.  My hair usually goes up into something out of my face and viola!-- there you have it.   What I should have included is my giant red metal cart complete with plastic ikea bags, it really completes the look! ;)

p.s. A new camera is on the horizon... so far better photo quality to come soon, I promise!  Just started doing the reasearch on SLR's , but if anyone has any suggestions regarding a camera they love, I would love to hear them.
my new favorite Essie color, "Pinkenstein"
cardigan, thrifted
striped top, thrifted
jeans, Gap
boots, Elizabeth and James 


  1. That cardigan is pretty! Your outfit looks comfy:)

  2. I love the colors in your cardigan, and it looks so great paired with the striped top! You're so good at finding unexpected pairs that look great together! Also, those boots are adorable! I dream of one day owning an item of Elizabeth and James clothing :)

  3. I went to my first flea market of the year today, it was still really too cold for an outdoor one-- I had to wear my wool winter coat, scarf and gloves and still froze while trying to browse!

    I've always been a Canon camera girl, I'm buying a new SLR soon as my Rebel is over 5 years old now! I'll likely get another Rebel as they're inexpensive and good quality for the money-- I've used a range of their products including the 5D (sadly it runs in the 2-3,000 range!).

  4. pinkinstein! I love nail polish names. Today i am supporting "commander in chic" pretty funny.

    I have made the mistake of dressing up for the flea market, definitely a no no if you mean business. Those boots are awesome, with the pretty detail on the toe.


    p.s. meeting up is a must! I would love that.....we can talk cameras (i'm in the market for a new SLR too)

  5. haha "more homeless the better"! funny funny! love love flea markets. i wish seattle had better ones--nothing compares the the bay area's!


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