Pre-flight Days, the 1950s

1956 at 15 years old
As promised, the last little installment of my "Vintage Mom" series.  I've skipped arpound as I discover different photo albums-- we started with the 1960s, then went to the 1970s.  These span the period of the mid to late 1950s, right up until my mom joined Philipine Airlines, met my dad and the rest is history.  It's been really fun going through all these old photographs but a little melancholic as well for some reason.    Between now and then literally a lifetime has passed, we're getting ready to celebrate her 70th birthday in a few weeks, the reason I started gathering photos to begin with.  Sprawled out on my living room floor right now is a giant number 70 photo collage that has all these pictures and then tons more, if it turns out as planned  I'll share the finished product here in a few weeks.   

I'm going to have to ask her about this adorable puppy-- I don't think I 've ever heard about him.  She did have a pet monkey though,-- I've always wanted one too!

this dress would do so well in the shop
--as would this one!

 the Philipines is supposed to have the most gorgeous beaches

1959-- 18 yrs old and just got her wings!



  1. i love these vintage mom installments you are doing! her dresses are SO pretty!

  2. oh goodness i'm little jealous haha these are amazing really great post!

  3. I loved this series, I'm sad it's over! All of her '50s dresses are so amazing, it's too bad she didn't save some of them. The photo collage is a sweet idea for her birthday, my dad actually turned 70 this year too.

    I'm actually going to the motherland (the Philippines) next month. It's been about 10 years since I went there last... I'm hoping there might be an underground vintage scene there, will have to blog about it if there is!

  4. Wow, she was a very stylish lady. I love these!
    Thanks so much for sharing them with us :)

  5. These are so beautiful. I love the picture of your mom with the puppy- it really looks like it is out of a movie or some famous book. I can't believe she owned a pet monkey!? That is crazy. Where did she keep it? And how long to monkeys live for? I want to see more pictures! They are very very inspiring :-)

  6. omg how gorgeous is your mom?? She reminds me of Audrey Hepburn! I want ALL those outfits right. NOW.

  7. Wow, hello from Hong Kong. First time stop by yr blog!! I love this set of old photos from yr beloved mom. Great for us to read together, btw, I Have followed you, do you mind follow my blog as well?

  8. How cute and fabulous was your Mum! I love it.

  9. oooh look at these dresses, and her swimsuit! All of these things would sell so quickly now, I love the photo of her with her 'wings' as well. Such great photos


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