Where the Land Meets the Sea

Someone said the other day that this month should be called "June-uary" because of all the crazy winter-like weather we've been having.  Corny, but I couldn't agree more. Though we're used to fog in June, or "June Gloom," as it's known, the daily rain we're been experiencing is unusual. Everyday the sky is a muted dark gray/blue with heavy looking clouds-- it's actually very pretty and matches the color of the sea. These were taken on Saturday right near the Post office in Pacifica that I sometimes use-- it started pouring rain about 10 minutes later and luckily we were able to duck into the coffee shop right across the street and sit and watch it from the window.

Right behind where I'm walking is an RV park and a there's bunch of apartments on the street just in front of me.  They're both literally a few feet from the edge of the cliffs.  This is the area where many of the apartments have fallen into the ocean in recent years from the coastal erosion that occurs after heavy rains.  Every 10 years or so, the sea level moves up just a little bit, as if the sea and land are arguing over who gets what.  So far the sea seems to be winning.  

coat- big box retailer
shirt- thrifted
jeans- thrifted
wedges- Swedish Hasbeens
purse- Paradox


  1. What a chic outfit for the seaside! The pale pink jeans on you are gorgeous as is the striped shirt. I've only been to SF once (in March 2009) and remember the ocean/beach looking stormy and reminding me of 19th century British novels.

    Hope you've been keeping warm, it only got warm/sunny here in Chicago about a week ago!

  2. wow, the sky is exactly the same color as the ocean, you are right. love that army green coat with the pink jeans.

  3. Boo to the dreary weather! What going on San Francisco!? I am totally loving this whole look. And I so want those Sweedish Hasbeens! I've been wanting a pair for so so long and keep leaving little hints to Matty to buy me a pair for Christmas :-) xx

  4. I love the pale pink jeans, and they look so good with the striped top! The sky and sea also look really cool in these photos.

  5. These pictures remind me of England. And you are always very chic xxxx


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