♥ Shop Update: Caribbean Breeze ♥

1960s vintage Sunny Day dress
This week I've been updating the shop with cool greens and blues. Colors that will go perfectly well in any summer wardrobe-- preferably worn while strolling in a Carribean beach town, or sipping cocktails in Bali. Sigh... a girl can dream can't she?

p.s. the SALE section has just expanded so be sure to take a peek and take advantage of the lack of storage space in my apartment. :)
1950s vintage Ric Rac day dress
1970s vintage Key Largo bandana
1970s vintage Palm Beach maxi dress
1970s vintage Lanz Originals cotton pique day dress
1960s vintage Monte Carlo party dress
1980s vintage Valentino peplum day dress
1960s vintage North Shore sateen cotton dress



  1. Dress #1 is just amazing lady! It's a 1960s dream. I could totally see my mama wearing this during her high school days :-) xx

  2. Oh my gosh, that first dress! I agree with Jen; a 1960's dream, indeed.


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