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Want to know the reason I look so damn smug in this picture? See end of post.
No, what you are seeing is not a mirage-- I'm actually standing in the warm SUNSHINE! We've finally started to warm up around these parts and while I know it won't last, it sure is nice while it's here. This is what I wore to Father's Day lunch on Sunday, where it actually got too hot for the jean jacket. Wonders never cease. I'm wearing one of my all-time favorite dresses, one of the many DVF's I managed to collect while working in retail. I've actually become quite a collector of her dresses, they just fit my figure so well, plus I love all the vibrant prints and colors.
Another little tidbit-- I brought a dress home from the antique faire a couple weks ago and found this real jade and diamond ring pinned into the side seam! It fits my pinky finger pefectly. Funny because two days before I was watching The Letter thinking to myself that I would love a diamond pinky ring like Bette Davis has in the movie. Needless to say from now on it's going to be my lucky ring. I'll try and get a better picture of it in another post.

dress- Diane Von Furstenberg
jean jacket- thrifted
shoes- DKNY
ring- vintage


  1. you look lovely today lady, i wana steel those shoes...and wowzers, what an amazing thing to have found...much better than the usual tissues. i am so ready to be home in sunny san francisco your making me homesick!

  2. wow! that is a crazy find! someone must've put it there for safekeeping and forgot about it! i always think about that when i buy pictures from the thrift store. never find anything though.

    i love the print of your dress!

  3. What?! That's such a cool story! Now I'm going to be disappointed every time I bring a vintage dress home and there isn't an antique ring pinned to the side seam! Also, that dress is so pretty and vibrant!

  4. WHAT! WOW. That's awesome!! You are seriously really lucky. I've found a few dollars in purses before but nothing like that. Your story inspires me keep faith. Love the dress! Great blog.

  5. What a lucky find, it's my dream to find something amazing tucked into a vintage purse or box at the thrift or at an estate sale.

    Sadly I have no DVF dresses, hopefully some day!

  6. I am loving the wash of the jeans jacket on the dress! So gorgeous.

  7. Gorgeous outfit!

    & lovely blog!


  8. That is a fabulous DVF dress...I really like those colors together. And your ring discovery was amazing! The ring is beautiful! You reminded me that I have a similar pinkie ring that belonged to my great aunt, but mine doesn't have diamonds, and I have no idea if the jade is real. But anyway, now I want to wear it!

  9. I love DVF dresses, but have never managed to nab one for myself - they look like they are easy to wear - well cut. Maybe one day! Your is lovely!

    Hope you're feeling better!

  10. You, my dear, have fabulous luck. It appears the universe was listening!


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