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I started Custard Heart Vintage in November of 2009, having been recently laid off and in need of some sort of income.   I was originally planning to sell some pieces out of my own closet on eBay but  my friend Tiff highly recommended Etsy as she she was having a great time selling her handcrafted necklaces on the site.  So I opened my little Etsy shop, a little skeptical at first that it could possibly be any better than Ebay.  Things started out painstakingly slow and I never dreamed I would even see 100 sales, never mind 1000 sales,  but lo and behold, the time has arrived!   So, in celebration of this momentous occassion, the shop is having a an unprecedented 25% Customer Appreciation Sale.  Just enter the code 'ONETHOUSAND' when you checkout to receive 25% off your order.   Thanks so much for your support, whether you're  a customer or blog reader or both.   I'm going to go wipe away my tears and blow my nose now. ;)

Enter coupon code ONETHOUSAND to receive 25% off.
 *ends Friday 9 p.m. PST


  1. congrats!! what a great achievement!

  2. That's so exciting, Maria! Congratulations!! :)

  3. holy moly! thats amazing. Your shop is devine and your styling is perfect. congrats congrats congrats.

  4. 1000 sales, that is a fantastic achievement. Well done on your success! You have beautiful things in stock so I am not surprised :)

  5. Congratulations!! That is really inspiring to hear. I've visited your shop several times, and you do have great taste!

  6. congratulations on a thousand sales! that's amazing and huge!! inspires me to get on my etsy game.


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