The Women

I finally saw this film that is known as a classic in circles of those who know and  love their film.  It was so sharp and witty and some of the greats were in it:  Norma Shearer, Joan Fontaine (one of my personal favorites), Rosalind Russell and Joan Crawford to name a few.  Each of these ladies gets to play off their real-life personas-- Crawford plays the bitchy "other woman", Shearer plays the injured but proud wife and Fontaine plays the sweet but naive young friend.  Crawford and Shearer supposedly had an off-screen rivalry that played into the plot line perfectly.  I have to wonder if that was PR made up by the studio to get folks interested in the film, or if it was really true.

Joan Crawford, Norma Shearer & Rosalind Russel

It is a must-see especially for vintage lovers-- there is a fashion show scene that is especially breathtaking-- my husband had to wipe the drool off my chin after this amazing sequence.

There's a couple of scenes in a women's spa/ gymnasium.  It was interesting to see what ladies wore while working out in the 1930s.  We've come a long way in that department (down, that is!). 

Aptly titled, The Women, as you won't see one man through the length of the film!

On of my favorite characters was a the plucky cowgirl named Miriam, played by Paulette Goddard.  She had a small part, but she kind of steals every scene she's in with her charm.  She's such a doll!
Paulette Goddard


  1. is this the movie where joan crawford talks on the telephone in that AMAZING tub? love that scene. also thanks for reminding me how much i LOVE those workout clothes!! what cute outfits! i just started sewing and they seem the PERFECT project...


  2. you sure know your movies-- yes, that's the one!

    sounds like a great project--let me know how your outfits turn out!

  3. Oh god, I loooove that movie. And I agree that exercise attire has gone completely downhill... I would be far more inspired to work up a sweat in a cute little outfit like that!


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