When Bright is just Right!

Pulled out my bright wool coat from several years ago that I was debating selling just a few short months ago.  But what do you know, all of a sudden it just seems right to go bright again. But of course I just couldn't bear to wear it without doing my nails my favorite shade of red.  I've got a thing for these two colors together.  The boots are new acquisition  courtesy of Pineapple Mint Vintage .  I needed a comfy pair of pale boots-- these fit the bill (and the budget) just perfectly!

coat, Fornarina c. 2007
boots, 80s vintage
nail polish, "Who's She Red" by Essie


  1. Your boots are lovely


  2. thank you so much! and they'e super- comfortable for walking these S.F. hills!

  3. oh boy. i think i had my nails that shade of bright red for 5 years consecutively, ever since this one day when i saw pink flamingos in some theater in queens and decided i wanted to look like mary vivian pearce's character....what a good 5 years that was.


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