New 'Do and my Favorite Bracelet

As the result of a miser's attempt to get a cheaper haircut & color last week, I went to a new hairstylist that was half the price of my regular stylist (who I've been going to for years and adore).  I was simply just being earnest in my attempt to be  more budget conscious in 2011.  The color turned out fine, but the cut was a long razored mess (which will remain undocumented and simply a bad memory) and so yesterday I went to my steady lady, Rory at Cowboys and Angels, and had her chop it all off.  I'm quite happy with the results, but ironically I just spent a little more than I would have spent if I had just gone to her in the first place! My lesson learned for trying to cheap-out on my hair-- "never go to another stylist if you're happy with the one you've got!"

And thought I'd take this opportunity to show you my favorite bangle bracelet in the world bought at an antique faire years ago. It's got a buckle closure that I love and the name "Helen" etched onto it. They don't make 'em like this anymore, do they? I'm sure Helen would agree.


  1. your new hair is lovely. and i love your bracelet and your necklace too!
    you're right, i always end up spending MORE money if i try to cut corners with my hair. :)

  2. Your hair looks lovely and that bracelt is something special

  3. thanks ladies, -- your opinions mean a lot! ♥

  4. i love the shorter hair! i haven't had a haircut in months (for the sake of saving money), and it's gotten out of hand at this point! love the bracelet too!!

  5. Ahhh I have the same dilemma! I'm worried getting my hair did in the city will be expensive, especially when hair dye is involved. But we can't be messing around with the hair - and yours look perfect!


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