Outfit du Jour: Herman & Me

Just came back from the flea market and scored this lovely  portrait of a little doggie gent named "Herman."  I've been drawn to portraits of pets lately-- I  think it's so sweet when people love their furry friends enough to actually paint or have a painting commissioned of them.   It's funny that it's signed with #1 next to his name, so  there was probably a whole series done of him!  This one's going right under "Bunny." 

Regarding the outfit, it was freezing cold (by S.F. standards anyway), so I picked out all my warmest gear but I was STILL freezing my ass off in this outfit:  I wore my wool pants, my favorite thick wool sweater and my ultra-cozy vintage rabbit fur coat and cashmere beret to keep my head warm but was still cold.  At one point my feet were so cold it was painful-- I would take one step and then start  flexing them so that they wouldn't go completely  numb altogether (I'm sure I looked like a freak but better than frozen toes!).  Anyway, for those of you who live where it actually snows, I'll just shut up now about the weather. ♥

bunny jacket, vintage Christian Lacroix
sweater, vintage
pants, French Connection
boots, Elizabeth and James via Loehmans
beret, Liz Claiborne
woven belt, Linea Pilea via Loehman's


  1. wonderful outfit! i love it. that sweater is so unique and adorable.

  2. sweet! I hear you, went out for brunch sunday in canvas sneakers and the boy said I may as well have gone out in slippers...toes numb by time we got home...hey but you look cute!


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