Serendipity: The Asos Spring Collection

via Fashionologie
It's funny I just put it my first ever order at Asos yesterday (now that they've got a US site I felt I needed a black duffel coat and a white pom-pom sweater in my life, alright?) and was quite satisfied with myself for my purchases, and then I woke up today to see their Spring Lookbook and fell in love again  immediately.   It's super feminine and  full of lots of vintage inspired silhouettes in light and bright colors.  It doesn't get much better than this as far as I'm concerned!  If I had to choose three pieces, I'd take the red suede wedges, the chambray romper and the light blue cropped trousers.  Those red shorts are pretty sweet too!  I'm taking this all as a sign I need to shop there a lot more in 2011.


  1. Red shorts? Check!
    That yellow leather-tooled bag…oh my!

    This collection is so innocent and fresh. Well done, those designers.
    We need sweet moments that in the world.


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