Navy, Leopard & Melon

Decided to take the "outfit du jour" show on the road this morning, well, actually just to the footpath up the street from my apartment, but it felt like miles away from my boring old gray wall. I somewhat sheepishly set up my tripod and started snapping away. Just a little while ago the whole tripod in public idea freaked me out, but a great thing about getting older-- you start to just not give a damn. Yeah, I'm taking pictures of myself alone with a tripod, and... ? Plus, it helps that I live in a city where no one bats a lash at the sight of a man in leather chaps (and nothing else) walking around in broad daylight, so me and my tripod aren't much of a spectacle fortunately.

Using this opportunity to share a couple of my Christmas presents too-- a quilted leather bag (a gift from my husband, and no, it's not Chanel but I'm not complaining), and a peridot and diamond ring (gift from my mom who knows I love dainty jewelry).   Now,  isn't this view a little better than that old gray wall?

faux fur coat,  Calvin Klein via Loehman's
dress, vintage via Huckleberry Vintage
tights, Hue
shoes, vintage Salvatore Ferragamo
quilted bag, Paradox via Lord & Taylor
nail polish, "Big Spender" by Essie


  1. Love this! You pull off that haircut so well, I can't pull off short hair.. ):

    The dress with the color of your tights look really great together! Thank you so much for linking me to your blog.


  2. I love your dress and heels! And the ring is darling!

  3. That haircut makes the outfit and the new bling is sensational. Well done you for taking that tripod for a walk!

  4. oh you have inspired me to get the tripod happening outside, amazing! wonder what peeps on my street will's certainly not as nice as where you live...especially right now, nice coat lady!


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