Surprise Bouquet

Took a beautiful walk through the neighborhood on Saturday morning, and stopped underneath this trellis of hanging lilacs for some pics, when the gardener of the premesis happended to be around the corner and surprised me with an offering of some cuttings from his garden.  I had a pretty prop for the rest of the morning and got a few gardening tips too!  I didn't take any shots of it  (there is construction going on around it), but  to the left of this doorway is a little plot of land that this kind gardener has lanscaped into a little sloped paradise.  Will have to come back and visit in a few weeks and take more pics.  We have the best neighbors!
One of the things a cousin of mine from Spain noticed when she visited us-- the houses are "candy-colored" here.  It's so true-- there is an explosion of color I notice every time I take a wallk.  So many possible backdrops!

Secret stairways abound in our neck of the woods.

One of the back streets I take everyday on my way to the Post Office--  used to be one of the main  paths used to take cattle to pasture in the 1800s.  (I know there's a joke in there somewhere).
pea coat, Martin & Ossa
bow back top, H&M
jeans, Deener
triple strap flats, Golden Ponies, via Etsy
nautical pendant, vintage


  1. What a gorgeous neighborhood you live in-- looks like Spring has already arrived.

  2. All of the flowers are so pretty! I love your necklace by the way :)

  3. yeah, it was Spring this weekend and now it's raining-- a reminder it is still Winter after all!

  4. It looks so beautiful where you live, and the trees are even in bloom! I love your bow back top and nautical pendant! Also, I agree about some of the best thrift places being away from urban areas.

  5. All the flowers in your neighborhood are so lovely!! I wish the weather was still that nice. It's pouring buckets outside right now. Boo. I do love the picture of your little secret alley way.


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