Textbook Addict

1960s Henri Bendel dress from Prance and Swagger

I have been shopping like a madwoman lately. But like a textbook addict I've got plenty of excuses for my habit

1) the weather-- it's been rain rain rain for the whole week so I've been inside and at the computer a bit more than average for me, thus making it easier to give into temptation.
2) my cold-- had a bad "flu" all week-- actually just a cold, but my husband calls every cold a "flu".  It must be a European thing.  Now he's got me in the habit of doing it.  Anyway, there's nothing more comforting when you're sick than imagining not being sick in your brand new pair of...
3) change of seasons-- knowing Spring is right around the corner causes me to write lists of things I "need" for the new season.  Those lists must be fulfilled (at least partially!)
4) the end of winter sales that have been happening at some of the larger online retailers--  markdowns that no one in their right mind could resist.

So anyway, though I'd share with you some of my spoils-- it makes me not feel so guilty somehow, like I'm not hiding them or anything, 'cause you know I don't have a problem.
Hasbeens "Bold Endeavors" from Modcloth

1960s Sunshine and Shadows dress form Swanee Grace

Do-Gooder dress from Modcloth

Daisy Apothecary Jar from Lauren Sharon

Crunching Numbers cardigan from Modcloth

Hasbeens Wedge Clogs from Endless


  1. ME TOO. omg i have been shopping way more recently. i think its cause my boyfriend has been on tour and the extra time to myself allows (maybe over-)indulgence in all my little interests and obsessions. ive been buying all these edwardian items, wont he be surprised to return and find that ive sunk back into the previous century while he was away, hah. p.s. i am really dying over an item from prance and swagger too! THESE SHOES:
    there should be a support group...

  2. Oh my gosh! I am jealous! Trying to shop strictly second hand for one year is so much harder when you know there are amazing sales going on around you! Anyways, I LOVE all of your finds!!! You know I love both pairs of shoes, and all of those dresses are so pretty! Hope you feel better! :)

  3. well now i've got to be "on the wagon" for a while to get the budget back on track-- i should do what you're doing for a little while Libby, and I'll be slightly rehabilitated! you have some serious self-control which actually is more satisfying in the long run. think of all that cash you're saving!


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