I thought my bookshelf would make as good a backdrop as any for an outfit post.  Yes, I have them merchandised by color, it's a habit I picked up during my years as a window display person -- books just looks better that way, don't you think?  I started to notice that publishers kind of already do half the work for you anyway--political books tend to be white with red letters or black, fiction books are orange and so on.... they kind of end up in their own little "subjects" anyway.

In regards to my outfit-- it has been steadily warming here in the Bay Area so I thought it might be my last chance to wear my wool sweater dress and floppy hat while it was still sort of nippy.  The boots were a splurge a few weeks ago-- vintage Ferragamos in a 9 1/2--  I almost never find them in half sizes so I felt it was meant to be.  Plus the heels are small enough that they pass the mandatory walking up hills test  that all newcomers to my collection are subjected to.
One of my favorite "picture" books at the moment
the one and only Dunaway

floppy hat, estate sale purchase
sweater dress, vintage
tights, Hue
boots, vintage Salvatore Ferragamo


  1. I love everything about this post! Fay Dunaway is gorgeous, as is your hat!


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