Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Outfit du Jour: Christmas Eve

So here was my outfit worn on Christmas Eve, the night that my family gets together to celebrate.  My patient husband took these in my mom's backyard over her protest of  "the yard looks horrible, don't..."  But since this isn't the Better Homes and Garden blog, hopefully you're not judging her winter garden.  This will probably be my last oufit du jour post for a while as I've eaten my weight in cheese and sugar over the last week so I probaly won't be wearing anything picture-worthy for the time being... :)

dress, I.Magnin 1960s vintage
textured tights, H & M
patent platform heels, Via Spiga

Friday, December 24, 2010

An "Up Market" Christmas

the smallest angel
 Just wanted to give a little peak into the home base of Custard Heart Vintage, all dressed up for Christmas. Upper Market is the neighborhood I live in (believe me our apartment is definitely NOT "up-market," it's more like "flea-market", but in the best way :) )

Anyway, until I get a better camera (hint, hint Santa), please enjoy these point and shoot pics! Oh and Merry Christmas!

added these mirrors for Xmas decor a few years ago, but they've been up ever since, I love how they shimmer and blind drivers on Market St.!
Bunny the dog painting, c. 1946

pseudo-gallery fridge

cook book corner in the kitchen--the Tartine book has the best Chrsitmas dessert recipes!

squirrel i've had since I was little, made by an crafty aunt
the best angels always come in pairs!

from the balcony looking "up Market" Street

♥ Shop Orders placed by 12-27 will arrive by New Years Eve!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

May Your Holiday be Bright!

This week I've stocked  the shop with festive brights that are all New Years Eve worthy. whether you're headed to an overpriced night on the town or hanging out at home.   Of course a little black dress is always perfect, but why not wear a knockout color and really stand out at the party? Plus, I don't know about you, but I always feel a little down after the holidays-- dressing in brights  is a foolproof way to chase the post-Holiday blues away.
Bonus:  you can wear them after the Holidays and into Spring 2011!! 

♥ Domestic orders placed before 12/27 will arrive by New Years Eve !

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

This is one of my favorite films that I watch at least once a year, especially around the holidays.  It features a pregnant Catherine Deneuve, looking simply adorable. This movie inspires me in so many ways: of course the 1960s clothes , then the wallpaper is just amazing...almost every scene has a room with a different bright colored wallpaper,so vivid and gorgeous-- I can't tell you how many times I've been tempted to wallpaper our apartment because of this film.
Lastly, the whole movie is sung in French to this heartwrenchingly beautiful melody... if you appreciate all things feminine and pretty, you'll fall in love with this film. ♥
ties with Anna Karina as my favorite girl in a trench

makes being young & pregnant  look so appealing!

perfect set design

my winter white dream coat

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dog Days of Winter

Today is a bleak and gray day, so we headed to the beach for a rainy day walk with Baby Dog.
A favorite walk  is Mori Point in Pacifica, where you can walk along a little path between a golf course and the beach.   Half of it is a wildlife preserve and half is golf course.  I'm always worried about stray balls flying at me but hasn't happened yet (hopefully will never happen).
Golf course to the left of this path-- it started raining too hard so didn't get a picture.

I had on my Donegal tweed cap and my Nanette Lepore raincoat, plus wellies and thick patterned tights.  You can kind of see the golf course in the background here.
There are ravens all over the place in this area.  They nest in these prehistoric looking trees on the golf course.    This one was holding a torn piece of one of Edgar Allen Poe's poems in his claw! (could also just be a piece of trash).
 There's nothing like a fresh and rainy day when you're dressed for it-- I was all suited up, unfortunately baby Dog was not and she wasn't too happy about it. She decided not to even look at the camera.  "Quoth the Baby Dog, 'never more'."  *

* forgive the English lit. references-- as a punishment in high school my best friend and I had to memorize that poem, "the Raven." ( it's got about 20-something verses, I think I got to verse  3)--so anytime I get a chance to put that traumatic experience to use, I take it.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Outfit du Jour: Wool, Lace & Leather

It's been freezing cold (well California  freezing is relative-- it's really been like 52 degrees) and rainy, and it's long woolly sweater time in these  parts.  This is one of my favorites-- It's from the 1970s and  I bought it at my favorite vintage shop in the Marina  (probably their only vintage shop actually but it's fantastic). It was way overpriced but I loved it  and was so excited -- I brought it home only  to discover it had some moth holes that I failed to notice in the store. But love is blind so I took it to my favorite dry cleaners and they hooked it up good as new.

The lace top is from my husband's last trip back home to Ireland courtesy of Topshop.  Cameo pin is vintage, courtesy of my mom from back in her days as a stewardess.  She picked it up in Italy where apparently there is a little town where all authentic cameos are made.  Who knew?

Boots are just old mens Frye boots, my first ever purchase on Ebay like four or five years ago.  Aaah, the adrenaline rush my first bidding war... fond memories...

And Viola! there you have it, the historical breakdown of an outfit.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Technical Difficulties

via Restrospace
One of the many reasons I prefer vintage things to new things is my basic contempt for technology. 

Case in point: 

We just got a brand new computer last month.   The 30 day warranty expired six days ago what do you know, it just started acting wonky and is in need of repair.  Just one of those things that can make you crazy if you let it get to you... On the bright side while looking for a pic for this post, I discovered this  campy flicker set of  1970s girls with computers... makes me feel grateful that technology is far more advanced now (in theory)and here's hoping the repair won't be so major.

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