Outfit du Jour: Wool, Lace & Leather

It's been freezing cold (well California  freezing is relative-- it's really been like 52 degrees) and rainy, and it's long woolly sweater time in these  parts.  This is one of my favorites-- It's from the 1970s and  I bought it at my favorite vintage shop in the Marina  (probably their only vintage shop actually but it's fantastic). It was way overpriced but I loved it  and was so excited -- I brought it home only  to discover it had some moth holes that I failed to notice in the store. But love is blind so I took it to my favorite dry cleaners and they hooked it up good as new.

The lace top is from my husband's last trip back home to Ireland courtesy of Topshop.  Cameo pin is vintage, courtesy of my mom from back in her days as a stewardess.  She picked it up in Italy where apparently there is a little town where all authentic cameos are made.  Who knew?

Boots are just old mens Frye boots, my first ever purchase on Ebay like four or five years ago.  Aaah, the adrenaline rush my first bidding war... fond memories...

And Viola! there you have it, the historical breakdown of an outfit.


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