Dog Days of Winter

Today is a bleak and gray day, so we headed to the beach for a rainy day walk with Baby Dog.
A favorite walk  is Mori Point in Pacifica, where you can walk along a little path between a golf course and the beach.   Half of it is a wildlife preserve and half is golf course.  I'm always worried about stray balls flying at me but hasn't happened yet (hopefully will never happen).
Golf course to the left of this path-- it started raining too hard so didn't get a picture.

I had on my Donegal tweed cap and my Nanette Lepore raincoat, plus wellies and thick patterned tights.  You can kind of see the golf course in the background here.
There are ravens all over the place in this area.  They nest in these prehistoric looking trees on the golf course.    This one was holding a torn piece of one of Edgar Allen Poe's poems in his claw! (could also just be a piece of trash).
 There's nothing like a fresh and rainy day when you're dressed for it-- I was all suited up, unfortunately baby Dog was not and she wasn't too happy about it. She decided not to even look at the camera.  "Quoth the Baby Dog, 'never more'."  *

* forgive the English lit. references-- as a punishment in high school my best friend and I had to memorize that poem, "the Raven." ( it's got about 20-something verses, I think I got to verse  3)--so anytime I get a chance to put that traumatic experience to use, I take it.


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