Technical Difficulties

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One of the many reasons I prefer vintage things to new things is my basic contempt for technology. 

Case in point: 

We just got a brand new computer last month.   The 30 day warranty expired six days ago what do you know, it just started acting wonky and is in need of repair.  Just one of those things that can make you crazy if you let it get to you... On the bright side while looking for a pic for this post, I discovered this  campy flicker set of  1970s girls with computers... makes me feel grateful that technology is far more advanced now (in theory)and here's hoping the repair won't be so major.


  1. Sandals at the office! So much better than the flipflops my cubicle mate wears. I'm with you on the advantages of vintage.

  2. thanks kate! good news-- i brought the computer back and they gave me a new one, no problem...hooray for good customer service, it never goes out of style!


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