Vintage Heaven


raincoat- nanette leopre  sweater- j. crew outlet  blouse- vintage  wool shorts- vintage boots- dolce vita
bag- dooney and bourke

see the girl in these pictures?   these were the me before i knew what true happiness really was--  i.e. just before i stepped through the doors of the mecca of vintage, also known as the vintage fashion expo. it's a huge indoor vintage market that happens a couple times a year in s.f. and for whatever weird reason i had never felt the need to stop by until yesterday. there's just something magical that happens when you place a bunch of people under one roof that share the same love for something.  (maybe that's why star wars coventions are so popular?)  i could go into all the details of how awesome it was, but instead of going off into that tangent, i'lll just say that it's twelve hours later and i'm still riding high on that adrenaline rush of successful treasure finding.  all you vintage lovers know what i mean. 

p.s. those green doors as backdrop are my tribute to patty's day.  hope you had a great one. ♥


  1. Very cute look! I love vintage fairs....especially when I discover cute finds!
    May x


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