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a while back i sold a dress to male customer who had snuck into his wife's etsy favorites to buy her a little something that she was sure to love ( incidently, this is the type of sneaky male behavior i always condone and encourage).  "the wife"  he had been shopping for turned out to be one of my favorite blog friends, monique of tipa tipa.  what a small world, right?!  anyway, here she is in the said dress, looking as lovely as ever.  check out a  mini-interview with monique below.

tipa 2
what's your name and where do you live?  My name is Monique and I live in Brooklyn, NY.

what vintage pieces are you scouring etsy for this spring? Recently I've been searching Etsy for lightweight vintage sweaters to wear this spring and on cool summer nights.

what’s your favourite decade for vintage and why? I really love the twenties and the seventies. The cloche hats and drop waists of the twenties gets me every time. I'm a fan of bright colors and bold prints. There's so much to love about the seventies. I just started growing a seventies Afro. I can't wait for it to get really big. Both of these decades were such pivotal points in American history.

if you have a photo of yourself in something you've bought from the shop, send it over to custardheartvintage@gmail.com and you'll receive not only my undying affection, but a 15% off coupon for your next purchase as well. ♥


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