Royal Purple

sweater- j. crew outlet / blouse- 80s vintage / pants- 60s vintage / pumps- aldo

extra excited today because this saturday i embark on a an epic spring buying trip that will bring tons of new pieces to the shop in the weeks to come.  one thing i'll be on the hunt for in particular is lightweight wool pants in all colors, preferably from the 50s and 60s. i swooped up these purple ones last week and since they had a couple little holes, i decided it was best i keep them.  yeah, i know, i know, the sacrifices i make are just too great...  ;) 
p.s. let me know if there's something in particular you would like to see in the shop for spring and i'll definitely keep a lookout for you.


  1. You know what I like! Classic numbers from the 50s and 60s! BTW, too bad you're leaving Saturday..Think we're going to try and catch a film (Children of Paradise)at the Castro that night...

    xo- Hunbun AKA Rebecca of Have Love, Will Travel

  2. Some sheer blouses or more like mens shirts in soft pale pink or babyblue. Leather like saltwater sandals in light brown or wooden platform heels
    Wish you luck!

  3. oh dang! sorry i'm gonna miss you guys... enjoy the flick hunbun & i'll most def keep an eye out for hunbun worthy vintage. xoxo

  4. I love the colours! Those pants are such a great fit too.

  5. You are gorgeous! Love the colors!

  6. These colors look great together! Such a refreshing springtime look!


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