Stripes & Suede

coat-  thrifted
striped top- thrifted
suede skirt- Topshop
tights- Hue
bow flats- vintage Ferragamo
bag- Chloe
watch- Fossil via T.J. Maxx

with the sun going down sooner and sooner everyday it leaves me with less and less time for photos, but i managed to snap these the other evening as the last bit of sun was setting.  i'm wearing  my striped top that definitely gets the most play out of every other top in my wardrobe and a little suede topshop skirt that i got on sale a couple months ago.  the navy blue coat i thrifted it for mere dollars last weekend--definitely  one of my best scores so far this fall. i've become so picky when i thrift that i almost didn't get it thinking that maybe i have enough coats.  but luckily i came to my senses and ended up taking it home with me.

 i don't know if i've mentioned this before but i'm now working at a part-time office job a few days a week and so i get to dress up a little more than i did when it was just the vintage shop full-time.  actually part of what makes me happy and  grateful i took it (aside from the obvious things like medical benefits), is that now i have an excuse to get dressed up during the week.  i know you don't really have to have a reason, but i just didn't feel motivated to  put together outfits everyday just to visit my friends at the post office, if you know what i mean.  plus, no matter how much i fancy myself someone who works best alone, i gotta admit that  it's really nice having coworkers to mutter things to throughout the day (instead of just the computer screen).  overall, it's a win-win situation.


  1. that is a great coat! good find!

    getting dressed...i think i've forgotten how.

  2. Nothing worse than trying to shoot for outfit posts in winter. Bad light is such a pain.

    This is a lovely outfit. Nice colours, love the stripes.

  3. Your outfit is so lovely...i love the brown with the black and white i'm seeing that more and more and find it lovely. I had no coworkers for the last 5 years and now I work in a school with lots of teachers and it is so different. I do find that it's fun getting dressed up because before I was waaaay more casual. These photos are lovely and I love your nail color.

  4. cute outfit! I love striped tops but i never end up wearing mine out's Saint James and pretty much the most I've spent on a top EVER so I'm just scared of ruining it lol.
    Its always nice to have an excuse to leave the house and dress up :) There's certain days of the week I only have ONE class, and its only 1 hour, I just can't seem to feel like its "worth it". I mean i knoww you're supposed to dress up for yourself and not for other people, but still. lol.

  5. Gah - so gorgeous! I love the stripes and that coat! *___*

  6. What a great outfit! I especially love the coat...can a girl really ever have enough coats? I know what you mean about a job being, at the very least, a fun excuse to dress up. It sounds like your job would be really nice. Part time AND medical benefits? Pretty great!

  7. Libby-- i know! i seriously lucked out . it is so rare to find a part time gig with benefits. i thank my lucky stars everyday!

  8. HOLY CRAP! I love this look lady...i also love sutro towers sneaking in the background. I was lusting after that suede skirt in topshop for ages, so awesome you got it in the sales. Urgh, i just love everything about this

  9. I tried a blouse use like this - because I love this look on other people - but I feel odd in white. Oh well! It looks wonderful on you!

  10. firstly, you look beyond chic in this outfit! navy and camel are one of my favorite color combos :) secondly, I think we reversed lives! I left my part time jobs in order to focus on my vintage full time. I suppose the grass is always greener ;)

  11. I love this outfit big time... you look rather like an APC or Sessún catalogue, which is always a great thing. And hurray for medical benefits (and dressing up of course). : )

  12. So chic! I love the skirt and top perfect!


  13. Adorable office outfit.. I am looking for the part time job, too. I do miss wearing cute outfits.. My husband asked me why I like to dress up for farmer market. A girl loves to dress up


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