♥ Shop Update: My Fall Palette ♥

1960s vintage wool trapeze jacket
1960s vintage aran sweater

vintage bowler hat
1960s vintage pure Scottish cashmere v-neck
1950s vintage fitted cashmere keyhole sweater
1960s vintage checkered wool coat
1950s vintage fur-collar coat
1970s vintage wool skirt
1960s vintage aran knit sweater

1960s vintage wool capelet
1960s vintage wool shift
1970s vintage wool cardigan
1960s vintage tea dress
1960s vintage fur collar  wool coat
1970s vintage folk sweater
1990s vintage equestrian sweater
1970s vintage Furla leather bag
 it's been a bit quiet on the blog as of late, but with good reason i promise!  i've been working like crazy lady stocking the shop with tons of great fall vintage.  and as usual it's all the things i love for myself and i think you'll love too.   this fall  i seem to be gravitating toward olive green, camel brown and red.  so i'm sure you'll see a lot more of this palette in the months to come. 
above is just a small sampling of what's new, so check out the shop to see all the newness for yourself.  


  1. Maria, lovely additions to the shop. That key hole cashmere sweater is my fave! Oh the outfit that you inspired me in was the one in which you wore the red shoes and red tights.

  2. Great pieces! Makes me wish it were feeling more like fall down here in Texas.

  3. Wow, your shop is just amazing! If I didn't just go on a shopping ban I would be buying everything in sight!

  4. That coat with the collar is un-belieavablely gorgeous. Hope you're well, and I loved seeing your pictures of Ireland -I'm finally getting some more travel pics up on my own little blog, it really makes me want to go abroad again!


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