♥ Shop Update: Winter Pastels ♥

1970s puffy pink cropped jacket
1960s white brocade wiggle dress
Fair Isle wool vest
Scottish wool snowflake cardigan
1960s cocktail dress
1950s lavender lace party dress
1960s brocade party dress
1960s wigggle dress
1960s cotton lace dress
1970s high waisted jeans
1960s seersucker striped day dress
floral beaded purse
1980s santana knit dress
1970s ditzy floral day dress
white maribou sweater

1980s angora beret
1980s floral canvas sneakers
1970s lavender faux fur coat
1960s Betty Rose faux fur cropped coat
To me there's something so comforting and extra soft about pastel colored wooly things.  Who says your winter coat can't be pink?  All this prettiness is in the shop right now.

p.s. As always I made sure to include some spring dresses for my ladies on the other side of the hemisphere too.  -xo


  1. that red dress is fantastic and so is that beaded purse!

  2. the first and the second look so dainty and sweet.

  3. what beautiful vintage pieces! I love the little white dress!!


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