Brick and Mortar

IMG_4052 fixed
dress- no label
tights- Hue
shoes- Ferragamo
cardigan- J. Crew

just wanted to share these quick snaps that were taken just about an hour ago.  it's so rare that i actually post pictures from the same day, let alone the same morning so here you go-- a blog post in almost real time.

this last weekend we had our last bit of bay area indian summer.  yesterday was in the high 80s and today it's back to normal in the 60s. i spent saturday afternoon at the beach with the dogs of and all evening saturday prepping a slap-up meal for my family who were coming over on sunday afternoon.  it turned out so delicious ( yeah, i'm modest too :) and i managed to snap a few pics of our apartment too since it was nearly spotless with all my rolling racks out of sight for once.  when your house is your shop, it's hard to keep the vintage from overtaking the place on the day to day.  will make sure to give you a peek later in the week.


  1. yay for ferrgamos and comfy granny sweaters.
    Heads up, i'm planning on having new adds up by November so if i could grab a bigger size that would be awesome.


  2. The colour of that cardigan is beautiful! Great length too.

  3. that dress is fabulous lady! so great you cooked a delicious meal...i'd be proud of it too..i'm sure your family left quite happy!

  4. You are adorable. This outfit is so perfect for Fall. :) I'm not sure you've heard this before, but you look a lot like Zooey Deschanel!

  5. I love the dress! The shades of purple are so pretty! I'm also really excited to see pictures of your house! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for them!

  6. So cute! I love camel and blue together and your red lips!

  7. Oh hai Zooey Deschanel. You look a lot like her in the first and last photograph. Cute outfit. So adorable.


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