My no-so-secret spot to take outfit pictures, Twin Peaks.  More specifically, the foothills-- there are always at least a few tourists up at the top, so I avoid that area naturally. These are my newest pair of jeans I go them a couple months back at Loehmann's pretty  much the place where I get all my jeans if they aren't thrifted.  The irony is I fell in love with these because they're very similar to a pair I thrifted years ago and wore to death and ended up cutting into shorts.  I'm a sucker for a lightwashed jeans in the summer that's for sure. 

This is the first time I've ever tried blue nailpolish, can you believe it?  I've come close with lavender, but never ventured into true blue territory.  I tried it on my fingernails a couple weeks ago and it was just too much for me.  It also prompted my husband to ask me, "Are you into Siouxsie and the Banshees now?"  (I think that was some sort of a goth joke or something).  Anyway I do like it on my toes however, all goth jokes aside. 
Hope you are having a perfectly summery 4th of July weekend.  I've got lots of pics from Big Sur to share very soon.♥

tiny floral print shirt-thrifted
jeans- - Acne via Loehmann's
belt- Linea Pilea
sandals- Hasbeens for H&M
purse- vintage
sunglasses- got them ages ago at the shop I used to work for (that will remain nameless!)
nail polish- Coat Azure by Essie


  1. haha i'd take the Siouxsie and the Banshees comment as a complement. I love that he said that. Maybe try more of a navy blue on your finger nails...I tried a few shades but this is the only one that stuck, less intense.

    Lady I am loving the 70s vibe of your outfit. The wee floral shirt is perfect...as are your shoes ;)

    We should make a date to grab a coffee or a drink some time soon, I know Annalise is down!


  2. I love this relaxed summer look! Your blouse is so cute, and I really like that purse; it's very unique. It's so great to have that go-to pair of jeans. Those ones look so comfy and summery! Can't wait to see the Big Sur pics!! :)

  3. Love your tooled leather bag, I have several and can't stop buying them! A fun casual outfit, I like the print of your shirt too.

  4. this look is so california! i love it. excited to be visiting this week!

  5. the blue nail polish match the light denim jeans perfectly. lovely outfit


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