Over the Rainbow in Big Sur, California

Big Sur is a place nothing short of magical.  Since I had only been there passing through as a kid, I had no real expectations of the place, just what I've seen in movies and read in books. I knew it would be beautiful and rugged but I figured that over the years tourism would have ruined things, but I was very much mistaken. 
 We drove down on Saturday, bypassing all the holiday traffic by avoiding the Monterey area and taking the 101 as far as we could. On the way down we stopped in the little little coastal town of Cambria for snacks and drinks. The main street is full of antique shops and thrift stores and though we looked around, I managed to get out of town empty handed for once. 
The cottage where we were staying was on the Southern end of Big Sur in a town called Gorda Creek.  The fog was rolling in as we were checking in, so please excuse the fuzziness of some of these photos (haven't quite mastered the camera settings just yet). However, I can say that the heavy fog added a mystical feel to everything. Anyway, we were right across the street from the beach on Highway 1 and about a mile down the road from Treebones Resort where the accomodations consist of Mongolian style yurts.  We ended up having a beautiful dinner in the hill top restaurant there and  decided we definitely want to stay in a yurt next time.  My favorite day of our little vacation was on Sunday where we spent practically the whole afternoon at Nepenthe, but I'll save that for another post.

romper- Zara
sandals- thrifted
necklace- vintage


  1. I've heard all good things about Big Sur but haven't been anywhere near there. SOMEDAY. Your pictures are so nice and very inspiring...I feel like I'm actually there.

  2. It sounds like a great place. I love the idea of staying in a yurt.

  3. Love your photos! Big Sur seems incredible. I've been looking into Big Sur resorts for our upcoming vacation and the views from many of them are amazing.

  4. My husband and I have driven through Big Sur a few times, and I've always wanted to stay there. I'm not a world traveler, but I think it must be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Based on what I've seen, your description of it as magical is so true. Now I want to stay there for a weekend (or week) even more! The romper you're wearing is also VERY cute. I love the print and the elbow-length sleeves.

  5. You found the perfect settings for all your photographs-- I especially like the picture of you in the field. Sadly I've never been to Big Sur, I always wanted to go when I lived in L.A.

    Your romper is splendid and just right for summer! Also is your necklace a whistle? :)

  6. Big Sur! Lucky you must have been incredible. looking forward to hear what you ate. so lucky your just a drive a way. love your romper

  7. Lovely photos! I can definitely tell the sort of mystical feel you're talking about in your pictures.
    I am loving the little heart detail in your romper. So subtle and cute. :)


  8. This sounds incredible!Love the fog!

  9. What a cute romper, and the photos on your new camera look great! Big Sur sounds so cool. Dan has always wanted to go there, and I'm hoping we'll be able to at some point!


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