♥ New in the Shop ♥

1960s vintage Marie Phillips striped day dress
vintage Dooney and Bourke all-weather leather bag

vintage Rattan and Leather case

1950s vintage Iceburg Blue party dress

1950s vintage Herbert Levine alligator stilettos 8

1950s vintage Sky Blue Moygashel linen wiggle dress
1940s vintage Sunday Brunch two piece dress

1970s vintage Yard Bird denim skirt
1970s vintage Silver leaf knit day dress
1970s vintage Lanz Originals pocketed day dress
Some of the newness you'll find in the shop this week!  I am thanking my lucky stars that those Herbert Levine alligator heels are about two sizes too small for me or else they would have never made it into the shop.  I made a point not to try on the denim skirt either... way too dangerous.


  1. Ooooh, I really love that sky blue dress. Such a lovely pattern. And that leaf one...I love how the patterns runs down the middle of the dress. And that iceburg blue party dress...ahh so darling. :)


  2. Love the case, so pretty!


  3. that 1950s sky blue dress is just gorgeous


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