San Simeon, 1975

I'm a child of the 1970s and so I guess that's why I have a special place in my heart for clothing from that decade.   That sweater I'm wearing is possibly my favorite little cardigan in my closet.  Living in the Bay Area, you can never have enough cardigans--it's sweater weather year around.  "Never leave home witout a layer" is my motto,  even if it's super hot, because you never know when the fog will roll in.

These pictures are from our last day on our little weekend away, taken near San Simeon, California, famous for not only it's Mission, but also for its expansive beaches that serve as a spot for elephant seals to come and take a snooze & sunbathe themselves.   They were actually endangered until about 6 years ago when the community started making a concerted effort to provide a protected area for them to breed, off limits to humans.  Now just a few years later, their population is almost back to their orginal numbers.  I like hearing information like this as it assures me there is still some good we're doing in the world in the world, when we're constantly hearing in the news how badly we treat the planet.  The elephant seals would give us their "seal" of approval at any rate (sorry, I couldn't resist that one).

sweater- vintage
tee- Zara
jeans- Acne via Loehmann's
sandals- BC


  1. Super cool California post! That is an awesome '70s cardigan. My husband and I went to visit the elephant seals in the winter a couple years ago so we could see the babies. We also saw two giant male seals fighting each other, and then a third one came in apparently to break it up.

  2. San Simeon looks gorgeous and a little Irish if that is at all possible! I loved your pictures of Big Sur as well, my sister did a califronia roadtrip for honeymoon in 2009 and loved the tranquility of big sur!
    Very cute 70s cardigan

  3. gorgeous photos! they do look so 70's! love it! and i love hearing the elephant seals are doing better too!

  4. Hahaha love the pun! I'm a sucker for them. First off, these photos are AWESOME!!! Do you mind if I ask how you edited them? I love their vintage feel! Next, I love that sweater! Perhaps your being a child of the 70's makes you look more natural in clothing from that era? Last, that is so cool about the elephant seals...very encouraging, indeed!

  5. Totally giggling at the elephant seals lazily flopping their bodies on the shore. And I will agree with you on the weather here in the Bay. I've been in LA too much to the point that I forget how windy it gets in San Francisco. haha I definitely need to invest in more cardigans.

    The cardigan you're wearing is definitely one I've never seen before. Lovely detail.

  6. your blog is really cute!
    love these pics, so natural!

  7. Wow I love your outfit and the vintage feel of these photos. San Simeon is beautiful! So great the elephant seal population has increased that is in deed good news.

  8. that sweater is so wonderfully 70's...i love it!!! you're so is ridiculously hot where i live and i am longing for brisk fall days when i can break out my sweaters :)
    and these photos are so beautiful! xo

  9. I definitely need to plan a visit to SF/NorCal soon... you and the rest of the SF bloggers keep posting such awe-inspiring pictures!

    I'm sadly a product of the 80s/90s (ugly decades in my opinion) but wear a lot of 70s clothing. The way you edited these photos make them look like snapshots from the era!


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