A Lesson Learned

   wool trench- Laundry by Shelli Segal
sheath dress- 1960s Lanz Original
turtleneck- Autumn Cashmere, via Loehmann's
tights- Hue
shoes- vintage Ferrragamo
bag- Bryna Nicole, via T.J. Maxx
bird pin- vintage

i learned a painful lesson this weekend--always back up your photos!  yesterday after taking these pics i inadvertently ended up erasing all the photos on my 8 gb sd card by pressing the 'format card' button on my camera.  doh!  all my photos from the last 9 months, gone with the click of a button.  luckily a kind stranger overheard me re-hashing the story and she gave me the tip that most anything could be recoverd with the downloading of a simple online program.  who knew? 
at any rate, $40 later i got most of them back, with the exception of the best ones from this photo session (of course!) but i'm sure i'll be doing this jumper dress over sweater/tights combo again very soon-- it's been seriously cold lately.  anyway, here's here's to the kindness of eavesdropping strangers! :)


  1. ahh that's the worst! you just want to rewind 2 seconds and undo what you just did. you look beautiful though, this shift dress is perfect on you

  2. wow you're so lucky you were able to get your photos back! i love your dress and your broach! p.s. i haven't had a chance to post the dress i wore from new years it was like 70 degrees on nye now it's freezing. i may have to figure out how to take it indoors.

  3. Oh goodness I am so bad with backing up photos! I need to do that soon! SO glad that you recovered most of them though.
    I really like this color combination!


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