Bonnie and Clyde

IMG_6594 darker
sweater coat- 1970s vintage
dress- next
belt- vintage
beret- topshop
boots- jeffery campbell, many years ago
bag- loehmann's

you know how the 1970s sometimes gets a bad rap, fashion-wise?  all that hideous polyester aside,  there was so much good going on in fashion at that time as well.  i know i've mentioned this before but as someone who was born in the 70s (the mid to later part, mind you!), i feel sort of like a defender of the decade.  after all, the 70s brought us none other than faye dunaway in all her glory. who can forget her outfits in network, chinatown or  bonnie and clyde, my personal favorite.   technically it was a late 60s movie, but whoever did the wardrobe was ahead of their time in their interpretation of the 1930s.
p.s.  one legend has it that bonnie met clyde purely by accident  as she was chasing her little white dog snowball.  lo and behold during this photo session, out came a white dog peeking over the roof of the house we were using as a backdrop.  he seemed more than willing to jump down and make a quick getaway so i made sure not to give him any encouragement. 


  1. The 70s get a bad rap, but I have kind of a soft spot for some 70s fashions. I will always love a "Bonnie & Clyde" inspired look! You look great. Love the boots.

  2. The costumes in china town are lovely. They have such a classic quality to them. That red hat is so sweet on you and love the camel colored dress. My little niece has a similar wool vintage camel dress. I'll have to take a photo!

  3. I definitely need to watch Bonnie & Clyde soon, so many people reference the fashion in that movie! I'm loving everything about your outfit, especially the bow on your beret and the long duster coat. Almost half of my wardrobe is from the '70s so I definitely approve of the decade!

  4. Bonnie & Clyde is so much fun!!! I never knew that story; that's amazing!

  5. i love 70s fashion, can be very ladylike without being too fussy. I love this sweater coat and your hat. Also have to say, your husband has amazing photography skills - the light in these is so beautiful as is the subject :) How cute is that wee doggy!
    Hope the yoga resolution is going well


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