Two for One

jacket- thrifted
blouse- vintage
pants-  vintage 
shoes- Salvatore Ferragamo via Ebay
bag- Makowsky via Ebay

early morning shots, maybe taken a little too early.  oh well, it cast a golden light across everything which is kind of nice.  since you couldn't really see any details i took a few more a couple hours later. so you kind of get two for one today!  i also have a new pose if you haven't noticed, i call it: "hand moodily placed near head".  you like? 
in other breaking news, i finally watched the bill cunnigham movie last night.   what a truly beautiful person he is, i highly, highly recommend it!
p.s. i snuck in a photo of my bleary eyed photographer who gets extra points for not only getting up extra early, but for dropping me off at work this morning too. ♥

♥  a worthwhile thing to do this week:
it'll be nice to finally place my money where my mouth is.


  1. Que guapa guerita! (Although that was more Mexican) ; ) Anyway, you get props for taking outfit shots so early. I did that a while ago and was so appalled by my bleary face that it had to stop after a week or so! That's some gorgeous morning light though!

  2. I am MENTAL for a polka dot.

    I bought a fantastic blue dress off you the other day. I will send you a link when I do a post of me wearing it.


  3. Those are some fun red pants, lady!! They look great! Your whole outfit is so sweet! Also, I think the golden sunlight is beautiful.

  4. i love this early morning light! The atmosphere wins.
    Nice to see a wee shot of your photographer. Loving the "hand moodily placed near head" pose. haha

  5. Hello, yes of of course, it sounds fun. I will send you pics as soon as I get the dress. :)

  6. I just watched that video. I will certainly be moving my $$$ I've been working on it. I've transferred all my info to an existing credit union that I have and will be closing my big bank very soon! I can't wait. Kudos for waking up early enough to snap photos before work your look gorgeous!

  7. This outfit is so cute and the morning light is gorgeous! My husband and I moved our money from one of the biggest banks to a smaller one a few months ago, and now I'm already considering going to a credit union, but aughh, it's so annoying because we already went through this recently. When I log in to my bank account right now, there's a message saying the site will be "down for maintenance" on guess what day? Yep, November 5th! Nice, huh?

  8. Heather-- I know, they really make it SO hard to close your account. Damien and I closed our joint account at wells fargo a few MONTHS ago and they are still sending us account statements. i'm joining a credit union too, it seems the way to go.


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