Dressing in the Dark...





pea coat- Martin and Ossa
sweater- French Connection via Loehmann's
shirt- French Connection via Loehmann's
pants- vintage
loafers- Office
sunglasses- Topshop

... or, "When Plaid Things Happen to Good People."  yeah, that's what happened today I'm afraid.  i just had to wear these 60s plaid pants I picked up a couple months ago at a thrift shop.  they needed a new zipper put in and i finally got around to picking them up from the tailor's last weekend.  funny, they looked so much more subtle in my dark bedroom this morning that i thought they'd pair well with this deep purple-sweater. i love the pants, they're boiled wool and so warm and comfortable but i think next time i'll go a bit more muted/plain on top. or at least try and match my bag to my shoes.  i've found that seems to do the trick for tying it all in sometimes.
speaking of which: on my shopping list for this winter:  a black bag big enough to hold my camera and all my other junk.  i hope santa is taking notes. 


  1. I love this outfit! It's got so much going on, but in a pulled-together sort of way. My favorite piece is the deep purple sweater...it's so pretty! I love the black tassel loafers, too, though!

  2. You look fantastic. I would wear that outfit in a second. Although the phrase "boiled wool" scares me. It translates in my brain to " wool jumper that partner kindly put into clothes dryer". Who knows why?

  3. I am in love with that pea coat/pants combination. Its so very classic.

  4. I quite love this look, it works with the bright blue top since you have the white blouse peaking out for as nuetral. Sweet autumn getup

  5. i really love this look.
    i have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of vintage wool plaid pants..BUT..my booty is a wee bit big and gives me problems with the fit. blah. ;P
    you look beautiful. def. bookmarking this look for inspiration.

  6. Oh these pants fit you wonderfully, and they are so cute.

    xoxo mama wolf.

  7. you look amazing in these pants! this is certainly not a case of plaid gone bad & they suit you so well.

  8. Those pants are awesome! This is completely random, but they remind me so much of a plaid jacket that my grandpa was wearing in my parents' wedding photos. As soon as I saw them, I thought of those old pictures. Anyway, I think they're really cute with the peacoat and loafers!

  9. You look great!
    But! what if you paired loafers with a pair of playful/interesting socks? ^^


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